Can’t decide what to get your friends as a gift? Then you have to check out these 6 creative present ideas to make them say wow!

Are you hoping to get your friends more creative presents this year? Give your friends a gift they won’t expect this year with our guide to some unique presents you’re friends will love. 

Show your friends you’ve put the effort and thought into their gifts with these awesome items. With this guide, there’s something for everyone. 

1. Food From Anywhere 

Do you and your friend have a favorite restaurant in your hometown, or from your college town? There’s a way to deliver your friends some of their favorite flavors from afar using Goldbelly, a service that ships specialty foods from restaurants around the country. This is a great idea for a friend who has moved away from home, as you can offer them some comfort and nostalgia. 

2. Self-Care Subscription 

Do you have a friend who needs some pampering? Consider getting them a Birchbox subscription.

Birchbox sends tons of sample makeup and skincare products each month, allowing you to test out new products and find what works for you. This is a great way to send someone some much needed pamper essentials

3. The Gift of Great Memories 

A thoughtful, affordable gift that is great for long time friends is some photos of your best memories together. This is a great way to give a personalized gift that will make your friend smile.

Consider sending them a framed photo, a photo album, or a scrapbook full of great pictures. Head to this site to order custom matting for your framing needs. 

4. Send Them Something Sweet 

Do you have a friend with a sweet tooth? Consider sending them a sweet treat, such as a chocolatier gift set.

This will allow them to try out tons of different gourmet chocolates to see what kind they like best. The chocolate gift box from the company Chuao includes interesting flavors such as churro and potato chip, allowing for a delicious tasting experience. 

5. The Gift of Fitness 

Do you have a friend who loves fitness but can never hit the gym into their busy schedule? Get them a gift card to ClassPass, which lets you drop into different specialized studios for an array of different fitness classes. This is a great way to explore new hobbies and to explore tons of gyms and studios in the area. 

6. Green Gifts 

A great idea for someone with a green thumb, or someone who just moved into a new home, The Sill is a company that will deliver potted plants straight to your door. The plant will be potted in soil and a cute pot and saucer for a green gift that’s good to go. This a great way to deliver your friend a useful surprise. 

Creative Present Ideas Your Friends Will Love 

If you’re trying to up your gift-giving game this year, try sending your friends some of these creative present ideas. By giving a gift that is unexpected, unique, and thoughtful, you can make your friend feel special for an occasion, or just to show you care. Give a gift that will make them smile this year with these great options. 

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