Are you tired of wandering around your backyard or garden to find a trash can whenever you dispose of garbage? It’s high time that you considered purchasing an outdoor trash can! Outdoor trash cans not only help keep the surroundings clean but also prevent any unpleasant odor from spreading across your yard. However, with so many available options today, selecting an outdoor trash can that fits your needs may become a daunting task. Luckily for you, this blog post will guide you through 7 factors that’ll help make the buying process easier.

1. Capacity

The capacity is one of the most crucial factors when selecting outdoor trash cans. It’s always better to go for a larger capacity than required if possible. You never know when more guests might show up and generate extra waste.

2. Lid Mechanism

A vital factor to consider when purchasing an outdoor trash can is its lid mechanism- swing or lift-top. A swing lid mechanism gives easy access and makes it convenient while disposing of large items such as cartons and pizza boxes. On the other hand, lift-top lids obscure contents from view—protecting animals from scavenging through garbage.

3. Weather-Resistant Material

Outdoor trash cans need materials that survive different weather conditions like rain, sun rays, wind, and ice, too, because it’s been exposed outside all day for years to come, sometimes even forever. Therefore it is essential – they are constructed with sturdy material capable of toughing out hostile weather conditions without any damage.

4. Durability Of The Trash Can

It goes without saying days are gone when we keep replacing things now and then; people love durable things which last longer, saving them from re-buying in such short periods just because one component failed. Similarly, below are some points that support why choosing durable products (trash cans) matters:

– Durable bins prevent frequent replacements

– Durable bins withstand assaults

– Durable bins save money in the long term.

5. Size and Form Factors will always matter

Consider the form factor of your outdoor trash can to ensure it fits nicely with your outdoor decor and that you don’t waste any space on a hiding spot for garbage in your outdoor living area. The bin’s size is also essential, depending on how much waste generation typically occurs in the place where it’ll be used.

6. Special Features

Depending upon where the outdoor trash cans will be placed other than daily use, special features might come in handy, like lockable lids providing an extra barrier against rodents, bears, or curious animals trying to get into them; Ashtrays as they’re great-ciggie-disposable-combo or odor locking systems that help minimize unpleasant smells.

7. Price Point

As with everything being sold online/offline-Affordability remains a top concern when purchasing new items. However, do not prioritize affordability over quality; otherwise, cheaper products may incur higher replacements costing more on repeat buying due to poor quality or low durability.

Instead, look for options and brands that offer reliability and performance and justify their cost – making an informed decision about what’s more suitable and keeping the budget in check.

Hopefully, after reading this post, it’s quite apparent how beneficial owning an outdoor trash can is. Whether you’re disposing of food waste after hosting summer BBQs or just using it for regular garden maintenance—A good quality Outdoor trash can offers unmatched convenience, ensuring one’s surroundings always remain clean and smell-free.

Ultimately when investing in something, one needs to prioritize their preference accordingly; some people prefer price while others seek branded choices, but whatever choice you make sure it is durable enough to serve its purpose well without any hiccups along the way.