Arizona businesses are well positioned to capitalize on the development and growth of the spa and wellness marketplace. Once considered an amenity, the demand for spa and wellness experiences has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. This is directly tied to the enormous emphasis being placed on wellness and lifestyle programs in today’s spa environment.

Mia Mackman is the founder and president of the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association, a spa and wellness business consultant and the hospitality brand manager for Jacob Tyler Creative Group Agency.

In a recent Travel to Wellness reader’s survey, more than 40,000 subscribers ranked Arizona No. 3 among the Top 10 perceived destinations worldwide for wellness. This is an impressive reflection of Arizona’s global reputation for extraordinary wellness and alternative health. This also highlights the exciting opportunity we have in Arizona to create cross-industry
partnerships in this burgeoning market.

According to the Global Wellness Tourism Congress (GWTC) “the wellness travel industry is already a $439 billion market, expected to grow another 50 percent from 2014 through 2017.” Global wellness plays a powerful new role in Arizona’s destination tourism and continues to considerably change the demographics of travel, leisure and hospitality markets everywhere.

Today’s clients are smart, evolving, educated and networked. They are empowered and aware
of the expansive and alternative modalities proven to yield dramatic real-life results. It is critical for hospitality, spa, wellness and healthcare related businesses to prepare and adapt to meet the growing needs of this diverse and dynamic

Market Transition

The industry has witnessed a substantial shift toward personal well-being, evidenced by heightened spa and wellness programming worldwide. International health assessments have indicated a rise in diagnostic autoimmune deficiencies, obesity and chronic health issues. The call for progress and discovery is not only vital, it has become the cornerstone of the wellness market. The key to innovation in this case is to provide products and services that go beyond
traditional offerings and support wellness in all of its forms: dietary, physical, medical, spiritual and emotional.

Wellness tourism is tasked to serve both an aging population and an overstressed workforce. Much like the medical, healthcare and biotechnology fields, there is a unique opportunity to educate, influence and support people in making healthier choices and living more satisfying lives. This translates directly into happier, more vibrant clients, which employees will find more
rewarding to work with and engage with more deeply.

Creating Experience

Meaningful and oftentimes life-changing experiences can be found through the doors of spas everywhere. Today’s broad spectrum of new spa services has resulted in a new culture of
spa-goers, international wellness travelers and communities attentive to improving their health. The spa and wellness market has not only grown into a highly lucrative market, but an environment creating invaluable new connections, critical long-lasting relationships and tangible benefits.

One of the challenges in creating significant experiences is to maintain a balance between niche programs with limited market penetration and generalized, conventional offerings that lack a unique identity or specific draw. Remarkable products and services enhance profitability, support stronger program streaming and ignite better customer retention. Moreover, creating an experience that is deeply satisfying will always drive higher sales
volume and customer loyalty.