Amid reports that the Pentagon is investigating more than 650 potential UFO sightings — and following NASA’s first-ever public meeting on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena — renewed interest in alien activity has risen sharply with search volume for “UFOs” in America soaring by 85.7%. And with almost 3 in 10 (29%) believing that there will be an apocalyptic disaster in their lifetime — and two-thirds (65%) believing in aliens — it has never been more important to consider. Intrigued by this, NJ Casino were keen to discover the U.S. states most likely to survive an alien invasion.

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The experts created a points-based index system that assesses a variety of factors that are considered to have an impact on survivability in an alien invasion. The metrics included population density, UFO sightings, landscape (caves, forest, bodies of water), defense (military and law enforcement), science (scientists and engineers), medical (healthcare professionals), and food manufacturing data — to reveal the U.S. states best equipped for an alien invasion.  

Arizona is the No. 2 U.S. state least equipped for an alien invasion

NJ Casino can reveal that Nevada is the US state least equipped for an alien invasion, with an overall alien survival score of 4.53/10. Unfortunately, the state lacks in areas that would protect it in an invasion scenario such as its high volume of UFO sightings per 100,000 people (5.03), lack of caves (0), and low forest cover (0.16%), as well as a low number of food and beverage manufacturing companies (280). 

Amid the recent spike in UFO sightings across the USA, former Ministry of Defence UFO investigator, Nick Pope, has commented:

Gone are the days when it was regarded as part fringe, part-science fiction, and part conspiracy theory. UFOs are now being treated as a defense and national security issue, discussed in the United States Congress, and attracting attention from the Head of NASA.

It’s difficult to tell whether we’re seeing a genuine spike in UFO sightings – and if so, what this means – or whether what’s happening is that a higher proportion of sightings is being reported, as a result of the current mainstream media coverage of this subject.

The subject has come out of the fringe and into the mainstream, which has led to lots more people speaking out about their own sightings and encounters. Regardless of the truth about these various incidents, it focuses on the fact that UFO sightings – whatever their cause – have serious and profound defense, national security, and air safety issues.

Virginia is the U.S. state best equipped for an alien invasion

Virginia is the US state best equipped for an alien invasion, with an overall alien survival score of 8.04/10. Just 2.91 UFOs per 100,000 people have been spotted in Virginia, which is almost three times fewer alien sightings than in Washington, where there have been as many as 8.61 per capita. Not only this, but Virginia has the largest military force per capita in the top ten, with 17.97 army personnel per 100,000 people — as well as a high volume of law enforcement officials per capita (600.49), which is almost double that of Kentucky (392.12). The state also benefits from a high number of caves (29), the second-highest in the top ten, which can be beneficial for concealment and camouflage as well as providing protection from aerial attacks.

A spokesperson from NJ Casino comments on why these metrics are important in an alien invasion scenario:

The presence of a larger military force per capita means that Virginia is well-equipped to defend and protect its territory against extraterrestrial threats and enables a faster response time to an alien invasion, meaning the state can mobilize and deploy troops more quickly. 

Not only this, but a greater number of military personnel ensures a larger pool of trained individuals with combat skills and experience who can handle critical support functions such as intelligence gathering, communication networks, medical support, supply chains, and transportation.”

Georgia is in second place with an overall alien survival score of 7.95/10. Georgia has the second-lowest reported UFO sightings in the top ten, with just 2.35 sightings per 100,000 people. This is 48% more than in the bordering state of Florida where there have been 3.50 UFO sightings per capita. The state also benefits from a high number of food and beverage manufacturing companies (849), 46% higher than in Tennessee (581), which would play a crucial role in an alien invasion scenario. Not only this, but Georgia has a high volume of caves (12) in comparison to its neighbors, such as South Carolina where there are zero.

In the event of an alien invasion, disruptions to transportation and logistics networks could make it challenging to import food from other regions or countries. States with a higher number of food and beverage companies would have a greater capacity to produce and distribute food locally, ensuring a more reliable food supply for their population.”

In third place is Massachusetts, scoring 7.85/10 for alien invasion survivability. Massachusetts has 35.07 healthcare professionals per capita, which is the highest in the top ten and would assist where there may be an increased need for medical response and emergency care. The state has had just 3.57 UFO sightings per 100,000 people, 60% fewer than in the bordering state Vermont, where there have been 9.01 per capita. Not only this, but Massachusetts has the highest percentage of land covered by water (0.26%) in the top 10, which would facilitate access to fresh water for drinking, agriculture, and industrial needs.