As crazy as this may sound, Volvo is planning to implement special technology into their new vehicle, which will be able to detect if the driver is drunk or if they are going over the limit.

This may imply that your DUI lawyer will take a look at the vehicle’s logs and determine whether you were drunk driving or not – if such records are stored. Such technology will undoubtedly make it easier for lawyers to keep aggressive drunk drivers off the streets.

Let’s take a closer look at how this new Volvo vehicle will be able to not only detect if you are drunk but also slow down your car when going over the limit.

The Tech behind the Concept

The Swedish company Volvo states that – starting next year – all their new vehicles will be equipped with sensors and cameras, which will determine if the driver has had one too many drinks.

On top of that, the self-driving cars equipped with such technology will also slow down and then contact the Volvo call center. From this point, a customer service member will talk to the driver and, if necessary, even take control of the vehicle.

Given that self-driving models are already available, the models equipped with drunk driving detection tech may also park the car in case the driver is entirely unresponsive.

How and Why?

First of all, let’s see why Volvo would go as far as coming up with this kind of tech. Well, the answer is simple. The company has made a pledge, which implies the elimination of all passenger deaths within a Volvo vehicle.

Now, when it comes to how we can notice how advanced technology is!

• The sensors inside the vehicle will analyze and monitor the changes in the driver’s physical movements.

• Moreover, they will also analyze the vehicle’s behavior to determine whether an intervention is required or not.

• Multiple cameras will be focused on the driver’s eyes, looking for visible signs of alcohol intoxication (and not only) – such as dilated pupils.

• The steering wheel will also be equipped with a series of sensors meant to determine how reactive the driver is.

• This technology also means that, if the driver is checking their mobile phone, the system will take control of the car, slow down, and eventually stop.

• There will also be multiple sensors on the vehicle’s exterior, looking for any erratic movements.

What Will the Driver Experience?

The entire system is based on a two-stage alarm. If the vehicle detects a safety concern, then it will warn the driver via a broadcast. If nothing changes, the vehicle will then slow down and alert the Volvo call center – set for an emergency state response.

As mentioned above, there will also be some severe measures implemented – such as the emergency stop of the vehicle and then pulling over to safety.

The Bottom Line

This new system will probably change driving as we know it, just like the three-point seatbelt redefined safety in 1959 when it was first introduced by Volvo.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that this particular carmaker is the one to come up with such an ingenious design/system.

However, given that it will take a long time until all vehicles are equipped with it, you should still keep the contact info of a good DUI lawyer in your wallet – just in case!