10 best sites to buy YouTube views (real and safe views)

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YouTube is a social media giant today. The video-streaming platform came to exist in 2005, thanks to three PayPal employees. A year later, YouTube was bought by Google and it has rapidly grown popular ever since. Billions of videos are uploaded and billions of hours are spent watching them by people from all over the world. You can find any song, music video, movie clip, etc with a simple search. Another reason behind YouTube being a favorite is that it can be used for earning money. Many have created a name for themselves through YouTube and with good content & a stable community, anyone can do it. However, even with good content, the task can get quite tough. Growing a channel can be hard but there are sites that make it easier. These sites let you buy YouTube views to make your path easier.

While it is completely legal, there are many fakes where you can end up getting scammed. If you want to avoid that, check this list of websites.

Here is the list of Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views:


Viralyft can lift your channel up to the heights of being viral, and there is much truth to it than just wordplay. It might not be one of the oldest but it is surely reliable enough to put your trust and money into. They offer a lot of services for a lot of different social media platforms including YouTube.

Also, viralyft is a complete package for YouTube and can buy nearly anything for the platform from here. It also includes views and there are 5 plans available for that, from 500 views to 100k views. The price range of the plans is $6.99-$374.99.


GetViral’s description says ” The Perfect Place To Go Viral ” and that is not really far from the truth. They have succeeded in their claims and their thousands of satisfied customers are proof of it. You can be one of them and the result will be your YouTube channel performing better than ever. And also get a paid boost for multiple social media platforms and YouTube is one of them. You can get plenty of views from here at their deserving prices.

There are 8 plans in total that you can choose from. The plans start from 1k views and end at 100k views. You can spend as much as you like between $6 and $370 in one order. Guaranteed refill is one of their biggest pros and you will never lose a single view that you paid for.

Social Packages

Social Packages is a complete social media package where you can buy anything you want for your social media. Social Packages has created a name for themselves in this sector and you can count on them for getting your social media boom.

There are 6 plans for buying YouTube views from bere. The plans start at 3k views and end at 50k views. The price range of the packages is from $20 to $210. They deliver high-quality views within a maximum time span of 2 weeks for the biggest plan available. The views all belong to real people as well which will never get your account in trouble.


Social media promotion services have been in existence for a long but only recently have they gotten immensely popular. It has become a trendy way of making your social media count high, and ViewsExpert is a part of this trend. ViewsExpert is preferred by many and is one of the best sites to buy YouTube views from.

There are 8 plans to choose from where you can buy as many as 100k views. The minimum number of views you can purchase is 1k views. The 1k plan costs $6.99 and the biggest 100k views ib nearly $373.99. The delivery speeds can be slow in case of bigger packages but they always arrive within 7 days. If that doesn’t happen or you have any other query, you can contact the 24/7 customer support.


YouTube is slowly turning into a profession as many ate earning millions from it. You can do the same and it is not just wishful thinking. It is plausible through consistency and some support. FollowerPackages can be that support without asking for too much in return. They have delivered millions of views and subscribers etc., and have satisfied thousands of customers in doing so. They are one of the best places to buy YouTube views at affordable prices.

There are five plans in total that contain 2.5k to 50k views. The price range of the plans is $19 – $75. They deliver premium views from real people who use the platform. The delivery speeds depend on the size of the orders but do not take more than 7 days in any case.


StormViews is an excellent portal you need to check out if you want to boost your channel’s presence and growth. They send views your way that make your videos and account reach to more and more people. The incoming traffic then can be converted into your audience through your content. Stormviews is essential for YouTubers and you can buy YouTube views in good quantity and quality for reasonable prices here.

There are 10 plans in available that offer from 500 to 250k views. The price range of the plans goes from $3.99 to $1499.99. They have something for all kinds of budgets. Along with affordable, the views are all from real people and deliver at excellent speeds. They also offer a 24/7 customer support for any kind of assistance you might need.


Not many people like spending money, and reasonably so. When money is involved, reliability and reputation matter a lot. Famoid is one name that is not just popular but reputed for their quality of service. They have sold millions of Views to thousands of hopeful YouTubers. They have over 23 thousand satisfied customers today who have blown new life into their respective channels.

There are 8 options for the customers to choose from their plans. You can either buy as little as 1k views or go up to buy 500k views. You will have to pay somewhere between  $12.95 to $1899.95 depending on what you want. All of the views you buy from here, are real and come with a solid drop-protection.


Climbing the ladder of success on YouTube has gone tougher in the past few years. YouTube has strictened their policies and especially the newcomers now struggle to get a good start. Venium can rid you of that struggle without costing you a big fortune. That is, through their community of over 5 million social users and thousands of web partners. This makes Venium capable of providing credible YouTube views at reasonable prices.

Venium has set s specific price for a specific amount of all the services they offer. If you want to buy YouTube views, you need to pay $5.99 for every 1k views you buy. The maximum you can buy from here is 50k views. All of the views are from real users and come with a lifetime guarantee of retention. The process starts immediately and you can always track your orders.


Despite the common belief, you can’t get in trouble if you want to buy YouTube views. If that was the case, all of these websites would have already shifted to the deep/dark web. But they are still up & running and Famups is one of the most popular ones today. They offer promotions for a good variety of social media including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. There are 8 plans for buying views in total at Famups’.

You can buy as little as 3k views to as much as 200k views. The price range of the plans goes from $21 to $799. They can also help you if you want to buy YouTube views from the USA only, as they have separate plans for that. For any other queries or concerns, their 24/7 chat is always open.


It must have been clear from the name itself but to make it clear, the purpose of this website is to provide a real long-lasting boost for your social media. GetRealBoost looks like a professional website from the get-go. It gets even better when you actually place your first order of YouTube views. The delivery is fast and you get exactly what you paid for. The views are all from real people that belong to different countries across the globe.

The company offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their deliveries. There is 24/7 support available for the customers to take help of as well. You can start by buying 1k views and GetRealBoost is one of the few websites where you can buy as much as 1 million views.


Within the 10 names mentioned here, you will find the best place for buying YouTube views that would perfectly match all your needs. Buying YouTube views is neither illegal nor unethical. It is not a mean or manipulation or deceitful practices. The purpose behind buying views is getting a boost that draws attention towards your channel.

The real attention you will receive will only stay if you have something good to offer. So keep on making good content and leave it to these sites to get you a boost whenever needed.

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