Insurance helps us when we are in the most difficult times. They provide us with all kinds of support when we need to cope with a problem. There is insurance for most every type of issue that a man can face in his lifetime. We all know about life and health insurance, here I will explain five different insurances that you most probably didn’t even know exist.

Child Daycare Insurance

There are several insurances for different types of businesses. Not many people know that even a daycare center could also have customized insurance of its own. Whether it’s home childcare or a large daycare center, insurance can support them to survive challenging situations. It’s a work of serious responsibility to run a childcare or daycare center. The commercial policies in childcare insurance are particularly designed according to the needs of these centers. Every owner or manager of such a place should get daycare insurance to cover any unexpected crisis and give them peace of mind

Executive Insurance

You can get several types of insurance for your personal life, and you can get an insurance for your business; however, not many people know that there is also executive insurance for people on responsible seats of a firm. They not only have to oversee their personal life issues, but also make decisions and take responsibility for the business. Executive insurance is designed according to their lifestyle and responsibilities. To err is human, and executives can also make mistakes. The difference is that their mistakes come with a high price. Executive insurance will minimize that price, so it doesn’t affect your life severely.

“Cold Feet” Insurance

Cold feet insurance is the best policy for people who are about to spend big bucks on their wedding. If you are ever in doubt that you might get “cold feet”, or your partner might change his/her mind, get a “cold feet” insurance to minimize the financial cost. It may not be able to bring your scared partner back, but it will save you enough for your next wedding. It may sound like a useless policy at first, but enough people buy it to keep it available. If you doubt your gut feeling, don’t shy away from purchasing this policy.

Body Parts Insurance

Some people get insurance for just one or a few parts of their body. People usually do so when their livelihood depends on it. For example, an athlete runner would want a backup in case he/she injures his/her leg. One injury could end their career, and they may not have any other source of income. They have to keep pushing their limits in order to excel in their profession. A body part insurance will provide them support at rough times. However, this insurance is not limited to just athletes.

Many celebrities have also insured their body parts. For example, Jennifer Lopez has insured her butt for $300 million. Some news sources reported it to be $1 billion. Likewise, Mariah Carey has insured her legs, Julia Robert her smile, and Holly Madison has insured her breast implants.

Fleet Insurance

Vehicle insurance has helped many people easily deal with the expenses of their cars. Fleet insurance is just like vehicle insurance, but for businesses who have multiple vehicles working for them. Of course, the premium of each vehicle is decided by several factors. However, fleet insurance is specifically designed for businesses and their requirements. You can never be sure how long a vehicle is going to last when working commercially, and it can be challenging to keep track of each vehicle the company owns. Getting fleet insurance gives its company peace of mind when it comes to their transportation.

Hopefully we have made you aware of different types of insurance that may be of benefit to you.