October 21, 2019

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How to deal with a teenager’s messy bedroom

Nowadays, it is quite reasonable for you to see a messy bedroom in your household. It is not surprising that a teenager owns the room. A messy bedroom should not be a significant cause of panic and anxiety unless there is spoiled, or rotten, food left inside that can cause bacteria to multiply and send your kid to the hospital. However, a messy bedroom is an eyesore, and it prevents you from inviting visitors because you are ashamed of what they might discover. They have no choice when it is time for you to step up and take action in cleaning their messy bedroom. Here are some tips to help you out.

What are the possible things that you can find inside a teenager’s messy bedroom?

Wet or damp clothes

If left unattended over time, expect mold and bacteria to grow on fabrics. This can cause an unwanted smell that can be absorbed by the walls, bedsheets and carpets. In worst cases, it can cause skin allergies like rashes, athlete’s foot and jock itch caused by bacteria and moisture. To prevent this from occurring, make sure to clear the room of dirty laundry regularly. Load it in the washer full of warm water, laundry soap and detergent, to get rid of all the germs.

Leftover food, dishes, and utensils

Most teens have this habit of eating food inside the room, which should not be allowed in the first place. Remaining food particles can attract insects like flies, bugs and roaches inside the room. Plus, do not be surprised to find some rats lurking around.

How to start cleaning the bedroom

Talk to your kid nicely

As of now, you might have figured out that screaming and getting mad will not get things done. Talk to them calmly and diplomatically. Do not treat them like small children because most teenagers would like to be treated like an adult. Doing this will convince them to clean their bedroom as often as possible.

Come up with a compromise

Living with a teenager is not as easy as what others might think. Most of them are strong-willed and moody to the point that they are not willing to take orders from their parents. You can have a one on one discussion with them and think of giving them something in exchange for doing a job well done, cleaning the bedroom. For example, you can excuse them from washing the dishes or throwing out the trash because they were able to clean their bedroom successfully. If they are struggling, you can offer assistance so that they feel more motivated to finish cleaning the bedroom.

Lastly, if your child or daughter has a vast collection of shoes, bags and clothes, it is best to invest in a fitted wardrobe inside the bedroom. This will keep all her things organized and well hidden from the naked eye. Remember that you need to instil values in your teenage kid, and one of them is teaching them how to clean the bedroom.