If you keep getting high-costing bills every time, especially during the winter, you have probably scoured the internet for different tips and tricks to lower your bill.

Although some of them are legit, most of them are impractical and dangerous. Also, most of these tips are pricey, as they will take more time and resources to do them. Fortunately, there are other proven ways to shave off on electricity bills, all of which are doable and practical.

Here are eight tips and tricks on how to conserve your electricity usage to lower down your electricity bill during winter.

Use your microwave

If you are fond of using the oven for reheating/cooking purposes during winter, use a microwave instead. By doing so, you will save up to 80% more energy than the standard oven that you are using.

This is mainly because a standard oven takes time to heat itself before you can go ahead and put the food inside. Also, using a microwave is more health-friendly since the nutrients of the food you are heating will retain more than when using the microwave.

Use a programmable thermostat

The most significant expense you will be spending in winter is the heating/cooling of your home. Because of your preferences, you will be prone to adjusting the thermostat manually from time to time to be able to bear the temperature.

However, with the use of a programmable thermostat, you don’t need to manually adjust it for yourself since the thermostat will do it for you.

A programmable thermostat is energy-efficient, which means it will make a big dent in your electrical bill, significantly lowering it down. Even if you are asleep or away from home, the temperature will automatically change according to the external temperature, saving you more money.

Using plastic to insulate your home

If you have a door that is mostly not used for entry, you can use plastic to taper it down to keep the chill outside your doors. You can also use your extra blankets to help insulate your house.

However, you might have to buy the plastic and blankets before the winter arrives since a lot of people will be buying them for the same purpose.

Install storm windows

If you are not, however, a fan of using plastic and blankets to cover your doors and windows, or you think it is tiresome to do those things, you can install a storm window.

Storm windows are hugely popular to people living in colder climates, as it keeps you insulated during the winter and it could also protect you during snowstorms as it is strong enough to withstand it.

Adjust your water temperature

One of the most significant energy users in the household is the water temperature. By keeping your water set at 120 degrees, you can save up significant amounts of energy.

This is especially true if you are currently maintaining your water temperature above 120 because you will save at least 3-5% of your electricity bill every 10 degrees that you shave off from that water heater’s thermostat.

Buy solar lights

If you are keeping lightbulbs outside your home for security purposes, consider buying solar-powered ones to avoid using too much electricity. Solar-powered light bulbs don’t use electricity as it uses the power of the sun to light up.

These types of bulbs are especially useful if you want to install them in areas that are far from any sockets as they don’t need one. You can buy them for as low as $10 for every light bulb. They have different shapes and sizes too.

Strategically using your appliances

Winter or not, strategically using your appliances can significantly lessen your electrical bill, especially if you are discreet and efficient about it. This can be seen in several contexts, such as the continuous usage of specific appliances, turning off appliances when not in use, etc.

One particularly good example of this is when you’re doing your laundry. Instead of waiting for each load to be washed and then use the dryer, why don’t you dry clothes immediately after removing it to keep the dryer on. This minimizes the energy consumption of the dryer as it stays warm because of constant use, as booting it up every after load takes more time and energy.

Leave the oven door open

If you are cooking something in your oven, leaving it a bit open will help put warmth in your kitchen. This means that your furnace or thermostat will take less effort in heating the place, potentially saving you a lot more money.


Following these tips and tricks will save a lot more energy and potentially save more money in your electrical bill. Also, with the use of Eligo, you will save a lot of cash since they buy electricity from the open market, giving you lower rates in electrical bills. Eligo Energy rates are low, and you will save a lot of money, not just in the winter, but all year round.