There’s no shortage of quality blenders on the market. The two most popular brands seen in today’s department stores are produced by the Ninja and the Vitamix company. The mighty Vitamix has been produced in the USA using quality parts for well over a decade. It’s hard not to notice them in every restaurant and smoothie bars such as Booster Juice – they are popular for a reason!

Ninja, on the other hand, are newcomers to the blender scene, who claim to offer the same results for a fraction of the price. In this review, we aim to pull back the cover on the big claims made by the infomercials and media hype to give you are more accurate opinion of what are buying.

Blending Performance

Sadly, when placed under the microscope, the Vitamix compared to Ninja doesn’t stack up. The Ninja Professional is an average but powerful performer blender compared to Vitamix. It made of plastic with a 1100 watt motor, enabling it to produce sub-par results. This device has high performance on grinding nut for butter, spreads and making a smoothie.

Vitamix Explorian is known for its strong performance. This is due to its 1300 watts. Being of a metal build, it blends ice and other types of food thoroughly. The performance is excellent for preparing beverages and soups at home with restaurant-grade like results.

Size and Weight

The Ninja weighs slightly lower at 7.6 Pounds. It has greater upper size, and its base holds the pitcher firmly. The blender dimensions are 8 x 6 x 17 inches, and this makes it easy to use while on the countertop. It is an average size blender that suits your home and restaurant use.

Vitamix weighs 11.5 pounds, making it heavier than the Ninja. However, you will hardly feel the weight because of the portability. Most of its weight is on the base. With the size dimensions of 11 x 8 x 18 inches, it fits anywhere you intend to carry out the blending from.


You will enjoy the 1-year warranty that comes with the Ninja professional. This is great, and you are sure of getting attention in case of anything. Being made in China, you expect it to serve you without issues even beyond the warranty period.

The Vitamix, on the other hand, is the USA made product that comes with a 5-year warranty. The five years is an added advantage to the blender, and you feel pretty secure compared to a single year of the Ninja. The machine will give value for your money.

Motor Power

The Ninja blender has 1100 watts motor power. This makes it a proficient and professional performer. It has three speeds pulse and the single-serve functions. The 1100 watts motor power enables fast action on foods and ice to give quality frozen drinks and smoothies.

Alternatively, the Vitamix E310 Explorian has 1,380 watts. This high power makes it a higher performer than the Ninja. It has 10 variable speeds. This allows for perfect culinary precision because you can refine the texture of the purees and soups.


The Ninja has multiple accessories. It has a motor base, the 72-ounce pitcher, two-ounce cups that have to-go lids and a user manual. These items make the usability easy. With the two cups, you can prepare your smoothie and enjoy them while on the go.

The Vitamix Explorian comes with a 48 oz container that is big enough for a few people serving. The cookbook guides you through, and with multiple suggestions. The package also includes the mini-tamper and a motor base. The Vitamin accessories are few compared with the Ninja.


The Ninja has sharp blades that are fixed on the base of the pitcher and at the higher position. This enables everything to be mixed evenly. With sharp blades, it becomes easy to act on the food you blend and extract all the nutrients.

The Vitamix, on the other hand, has blunt blades. The company says that the move is to ensure both raw and cooked food, fruits, ice or coffee are acted upon efficiently. The blending occurs through friction, creating a hot beverage from lukewarm ingredients.


The Ninja Professional pitcher holds 72 ounces. This capacity is enough to prepare any beverage drink or smoothie for not only a large family but several people. Besides, you’ll have two cups of 16oz each. The blender is ideal for a large serving.

Unlike the Ninja, Vitamix doesn’t have the separate cups to take out your frozen drink and smoothie. It only has a 48-ounce pitcher. The capacity is enough for a family serving.


The variation in price between the Ninja Professional and Vitamix E310 Explorian is due to the brand name and the features that the blenders showcase. For instance, the two-part lid design, high watts and the fact that Vitamix E310 Explorian is made in the USA make it sell at a higher price than Ninja. It is, however, evident from the comparison that both blenders are quality and high-end performers.