As a master’s student, Judith Monteferrante rented studio space with another photography student, both of who were photographing nude models. Monteferrante’s models were older women that stayed robed most of the time and the other student’s models were young men and women who flaunted their nudity on the set. One day, the other student told Monteferrante that he was embarrassed by her nude models.

It was with this comment that Monteferrante decided to use her photography to change the conversation around older women, their bodies, and modern ideals of beauty and acceptance. 

In “The Nude Matured: Body and Spirit” Monteferrante’s book combines beautiful photographs of mature nude women that the author herself photographed combined with anecdotes from the models themselves about beauty, aging, and life lessons.

“I hope to help women see the beautiful lines and curves of their body; an image of beauty that was worshipped in the past but has gone out of vogue,” Monteferrante said. “Thus, they may learn to focus not on their faults, but on their strengths.”

Monteferrante is currently a photographer in Scottsdale, Arizona who also has a studio in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Her photography work has been featured previously in “Under the Sun” by Tiger Lewis. Monteferrante was formerly a cardiologist, where her skills at imaging the heart enabled her to create profound and intimate works of art that capture our deepest desires and feelings. For more information about the author and her book, visit

With “The Nude Matured: Body and Spirit,” readers can enjoy beautiful photographs while celebrating the mature woman’s body, spirit, and grace.


“The Nude Matured: Body and Spirit”

By: Judith Monteferrante

ISBN: 978-1-4834-7619-3 (sc); 978-1-4834-7618-6 (hc); 978-1-4834-7617-9 (e)

Available at the Lulu Publishing Online Bookstore and Amazon