April 6, 2021

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Vintage diamond cuts – it’s the next shiny thing

Are you looking for a wedding ring that’s old school but has an elegant appeal? Well, the perfect surprise for your ‘bride to be’ is a vintage diamond cut. The raw brilliance of vintage diamonds makes for a one-of-a-kind experience and it’s in a class by itself. But finding the right vintage cut is no simple feat! If your fiance loves some quintessential feels, how about something that’s simple and exclusive but ob-soletely dazzling?

Vintage Diamond Cuts – What’s To Know?

Antique diamond cuts are less expensive than modern cuts but they’re popular for a whole other reason. They are unique and oh so romantic! In fact many mindful shoppers prefer engagement rings that align with their personal values. Truthfully, old diamond rings are the precursors for modern day cuts. This trend definitely has longevity since vintage diamonds are an economical alternative to modern cuts. While diamond shopping, always ask yourself one question –

“Are there reliable vintage jewelers near me?” Maybe. But that’s why you’re here so keep reading.

When you’re looking for antique jewelry you’ll often come across the term ‘old diamond cuts’ because there really are people who love this vintage look. Now the thing that makes a vintage cut so memorable is its craftsmanship. It takes a great artisan to create something that’s been inspired by antique aesthetics. Though an unconventional choice, vintage diamond cuts aren’t just about the sparkle, but essentially the carat weight. To help you explore the trend further, here’s everything you need to know about vintage diamond cuts.

Old Mine Cut

The best jewelry stores around the world love to bridge modern love stories in a vintage setting. The old mine cut named after the old diamond mines in India, are a rare find since it’s handcrafted and measured by the eye. This 18th century classic featuring 58 facets is often mistaken for a cushion cut because of the small high crown, rounded corners and its square shaped outline.

Old European Cut

Appearing larger than ever, the old European cut sparkled through the Victorian Era with pride and prestige. Heirloom inspired designs love to feature old european cuts since it’s blessed with perfect proportions – right from the deep pavilion to its multifaceted crown; this rounded brilliance is pretty hard to replicate.

Asscher Cut

The hallmark of a well renowned diamond cutting family, this signature piece was originally introduced by Joseph Asscher in 1902. Since antique diamond cuts are handcrafted and exquisitely detailed, the Asscher is a heritage cut featuring a prominent culet, a built-up crown and less pronounced corners.

Carre Cut

Imagine a rough diamond from the 90s’ that’s perfectly shaped and equally framed, you get a Carre cut diamond that resembles a baguette. This vintage cut focuses more on straight facets requiring diamonds of the highest clarity and brilliance. The refined elegance of this square shaped stone captures a sophisticated and romantic feel.

Rose Cut

Though diamond styles did differ era to era, the rose cut holds an aristocratic title especially since it dates back to the 1500s. One of the core diamond cuts, the rose cut is uniquely feminine with its subtle design and petite frame. Featuring a flat back and simplistic faceting, it was predominant during the Victorian and Georgian era.

French Cut

Going all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century, the French cut relied heavily on geometric frames. French cut diamonds rival the modern Princess cut for its reflective properties and scintillating glow. While few feature a square shaped table, there are many others that possess a thinner, longer and more rectangular shaped setting.

Why Should You Choose a Vintage Diamond Cut?

Vintage diamond cuts are the perfect blend of history and romance! From elaborate lines to muted colors, this vintage list is endless. As to why you should choose a vintage diamond cut, let’s give it some thought.

Perhaps your ‘groom to be’ loves antique jewelry?

The historical narratives behind old cut diamonds are becoming increasingly popular with millennials of this age. Old cut diamonds definitely have a legendary sparkle and if you’re as hooked to antique jewelry as your bride to be, then you’re in luck. Vintage diamond cuts immediately conjure up nostalgic moments especially when you’re celebrating your anniversary. They’re perfect to travel back in time and celebrate the wonders of generations by-gone.

Are you looking for a sustainable alternative?

Many eco-conscious consumers look for sustainable alternatives like old diamond cuts or simply refurbish family heirlooms to save on resources. Though this mindset isn’t typical, vintage diamond cuts are ideal for couples who care about the environment. This is because you’re not opting for a newly mined diamond but instead choose an antique stone making for a more sustainable choice.

Want the exclusivity of handmade craftsmanship?

Sure you can trim down your wedding expenses a wee bit but it’s really the exquisite craftsmanship that makes it value for money. In fact the warm tones of a vintage diamond cut are very difficult to articulate. Old diamond cuts are usually found in high end stores since they’re a timeless beauty. They’re popular for many reasons and it’s the exclusivity of the vintage design that sets them apart from modern diamond cuts.

In conclusion

Only some of the best jewelry stores have an exclusive selection of vintage diamond cuts of the highest quality. Usually antique cuts are sold in the form of loose diamonds so you’ll need a reliable diamond expert to bridge the gap in between. This means finding the right diamond jewelry store that customizes a setting to fit your style. Many expert jewelers know how to craft your ring setting as per your convenience. They also add elegant touches here and there; some filigrain detailing or an ornate undertone.