As a man, it is likely that you have given very little thought to your closet. For many, a closet is simply an extra storage room that holds clothes and shoes. Articles are often scattered on hangers, strewn about on the floor, and left wherever the “post-bed free throw” leaves them.

It didn’t used to be this way. In fact, past generations of men actually used their closets as a bespoke place where they could store their clothes and design their wardrobe. A bespoke closet both displayed a wardrobe in all of its glory, and brought a deeper appreciation to the clothes that one wore every day.

Fortunately, recreating a bespoke closet and wardrobe can be done with a few intentional steps. Here are 5 tips to get you started building the bespoke closet your clothes deserve:

Tips To The Perfect Bespoke Closet

1. Make Sure You Can See Everything

For a walk-in closet, you want to ensure that there is plenty of visibility. Whether you are standing in the middle of the closet or gazing across the room, your bespoke closet should feature an open space with plenty of room.

Why keep a bespoke closet visible? Not only will you be compelled to keep your closet nice and organized, but you increase the chances that you will wear more clothes than what is at the front. Visibility will increase the investment of your wardrobe.

2. Add Some Lighting

Closet space feeling dark and dreary? Bring some light to a bespoke walk-in closet to help illuminate the space. Most walk-in closets are built with the manufacturer-required single can light. Consider installing a larger light for the ceiling that brightens the space. For specific areas of your closet – such as where your ties hang or your shoes sit – add strips of LED lighting to bring focus to particular spots. The right lighting can really make your bespoke closet look inviting.

3. Up Your Hanger Game

You probably don’t give much thought to your clothes hangers… until one snaps as you pull a shirt off too quickly. If you really want to create a bespoke closet, upgrade your hangers to meet the unique hanging needs of your clothing. There are plenty of high-quality hangers made for specific articles of clothing and made of eye-catching wood and metal.

4. Give Your Shoes A Home

In most closets, shoes end up living wherever they are taken off. To help show off your shoes and keep them nice, consider adding a built-in shoe rack where shoes can rest when not being worn. You can keep all of your shoes in one space, or add shoe racks to place shoes with their corresponding wardrobes.

5. Consider A Custom Build

One of the best ways to get the perfect bespoke closet is to work with a professional closet builder. A trained and experienced contractor will work with you to design and implement the bespoke closet that fits your needs and style, from the lighting to the best way to showcase accessories.

6. Choose The Right Finish

Make sure to choose the proper color and material for your finish. This will vary depending on the design of the room in which the closet is located.

7. Consider Installing An Island

If your space has enough square footage then an island will likely be an excellent choice. An island adds a lot of organizational options. This may include a drawer for accessories, a pullout hamper, and/or cabinet for shoes. The best part of a closet island is that it enables you to incorporate whatever storage options fit your needs. 

8. Organize from the top down.

Hats at top, then shirts, then pants and shorts, then shoes at the bottom. For some organizing in this manner

9. Hire a professional.

No matter how many tips and tricks we can give you nothing will replace getting an experienced designer on your side. One of our favorite designers is located in Los Angeles, here is their website.

Build Your Next Bespoke Closet

A high-quality bespoke closet will offer a unique and personalized look to your home that will boost value and increase your appreciation for your clothes. By taking a few simple steps to customize your walk in closet space, you will enjoy your closet in new ways – and bring back the classy style of bespoke living.