Did you know that the national average for a bathroom remodel is $10,756? The costs of everything from flooring to shower doors add up quickly. Luckily, there are shower door repair options to help save some money.

Do you have a broken shower door? Are you looking for a way to repair shower doors instead of fully replacing them?

The following guide will explain the process of fixing a glass shower door. It will help you save money that you can spend elsewhere during your bathroom renovation.

Shower Doors That Stick

Sometimes loose screws or soap scum buildup causes shower doors to stick. Before replacing the door you should try simply tightening the screws on the door’s hinges. It’s an easy fix that often gets a door sliding like new again.

If the sticking is caused by buildup you should try a thorough cleaning of the door. Spray the glass door with a mix of dish detergent and lemon water or vinegar. Wipe down the entire glass door with the solution.

Next, wipe down the door again using a Magic Eraser sponge. Finally, scrub the rest of the shower with a toothbrush or paint scraper to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Shower Door That Won’t Stay Closed

Again, make sure that the screws on the door hinges haven’t loosened and tighten them if needed.

If tightening the screws doesn’t work you should try cleaning the hinges with vinegar. Use a sponge or toothbrush to apply and scrub the hinges until they’re free of any residue.

Shower Door Repair for Dragging

Some shower door issues like dragging require a Shower Company to complete the repairs. It’s not impossible to do it yourself, but this repair is more complex than those previously mentioned.

A shower door usually drags when it needs to be removed from the track and realigned. The clamps usually need to be adjusted, too. Alignment issues typically occur because of water buildup or other debris.

Shower Door Scratches

Scratches are easy for professionals to fix and repairs are usually affordable. A glass repair technician often buffs out the scratch to complete the repair. Although, they sometimes fill in the scratches instead of buffing them out.

You can try using a rag to apply and wipe away toothpaste as a DIY trick to fill in minor scratches. But it’s not a guaranteed fix and probably won’t produce a result that looks professional.

Shower Door Leaks

Leaking shower doors are usually a result of problems with the seals around the edges. A technician can easily replace the bottom seal strip. In some minor cases, you can use silicone caulk on leaks.

Ready To Repair Your Shower Door?

Now you know a few DIY shower door repair techniques and a few issues that require professional help. Remember this guide before buying an expensive new shower door and consider repairing the one you have.

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