Online accessible travel advisory service brettapproved, Inc. Tuesday announced a partnership with Travel for All, a British Columbia, Canada-based travel agency, to provide travel booking and trip coordination services for people with disabilities and mobility challenges anywhere in the world.

Travel for All serves individuals, families and groups and is able to reserve flights, hotels, ground transportation and cruises, and coordinate custom tours and group travel that meet those travelers’ needs.

“We are thrilled to provide reservations and trip coordination for this fast-growing population of people with mobility challenges.  Travel for All is a proven leader and ideal partner for brettapproved to provide such needed service,” said Brett Heising, CEO of brettapproved.

One in seven travelers today require accessible accommodations. According to the Gates Foundation, this number is expected to rise to nearly 25 percent by 2020, or more than 1.7 billion people, as Baby Boomers age.

To meet the special needs of the company’s market, brettapproved’s simple form connects travelers directly with Tarita Davenock, CEO of Travel for All, who responds personally and sees that travel arrangements meet whatever accommodations are required.

“Tarita understands as I do that life is defined by experiences. Her services dovetail perfectly with our goal at brettapproved — to help everyone with physical disabilities or mobility challenges travel confidently,” Heising said.

Davenock is a certified travel agent and a certified Accessible Travel Advocate. She began her travel industry career in 1999 with CruisePlus, one of Canada’s largest travel agencies. At age 29, Multiple Sclerosis began to affect how Tarita travelled, and she took notice of the “empty travel service sector” for the mobility-challenged traveler demographic.

“Having a physical disability or a child with special needs should not exclude people from traveling,” Davenock said. “It just requires a little extra planning.”

Davenock has travelled around the world, visiting more than 20 countries. In 2010, she opened her own agency and began to arrange business and vacation trips for travelers with various disabilities, visible and invisible. Since then, she has assisted and arranged thousands of trips, including more than 500 for people with spinal cord injuries, neurological diseases, developmental disabilities, hearing and visual impairments, those requiring dialysis, and just about anything that requires special services to address their barriers in travel.

Ms. Davenock is a contributing author to Huffington Post on accessibility and inclusion, hosts the radio podcast “Travel for All,” and has partnered with The Lonely Planet’s accessible travel manager in creating TV shows. Travel for All will assist brettapproved’s fast-growing community in travel planning worldwide for business and pleasure.