Bam Kazam is the newest form of interactive entertainment from the founder of Escape the Room. Opening soon in the Talking Stick Entertainment District within the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC), this first-of-its-kind experience is housed within a massive 20,000 square-foot complex. Each of the 18 room-sized games and puzzles will put players’ physical and mental skills to the ultimate test.

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Guests are free to run wild around the complex and discover what new adventure awaits behind each door. Every room is a game, every game is an adventure and every adventure is unique. If you’ve ever wanted to be on a game-show, you can do that, if you’ve ever wanted to explore a haunted mansion, you can do that too. In one room you and your friends might be ledge climbing cat burglars keen to boost a priceless painting. In another you might find yourself scaling the precarious two-story fuselage of a tropical plane crash.

“Each room is like a blockbuster movie where you get to be the hero. If you’ve ever dreamed about exploring an ancient temple teeming with booby traps, you’re gonna love this place,” says Bam Kazam founder Victor Blake. Led by the founder of the largest escape room company in the US, Bam Kazam was a multi-million dollar investment, built by a seasoned team of scenic designers, theme park engineers, artists and composers. These ingeniously designed challenges are exotic, entertaining, sometimes frightening and often confounding environments that players must persevere to truly master.

Bam Kazam will open to the public on July 24th, Ticket prices will start at $32 for a 2-hour session. Must be 14 and older to play without an adult. Recommended for groups of three to five. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit