After completing a bachelor’s degree in political science, on track towards a law degree, Laurel Berman decided to make a dramatic change in her career path. She interviewed and was accepted to the San Francisco Academy of Fashion Design.

EVE_LouiseRoseNow celebrating her company’s 10th anniversary, Black Halo has become a recognized name among top designers, celebrities and businesswomen alike. Her Spring 2013 collection Black Halo EVE, a brand new line of evening wear showcasing the sophisticated and slimming style she is known for, has already seen high demand and celebrity appearances.

Louise Roe was one of the first to wear a piece from Black Halo EVE during her red carpet appearance at the 84th Academy Awards. Black Halo has been worn by many others red-carpet names over the past decade, including Lauren Conrad, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Seyfried, Mariah Carey, Fergi and Eva Mendes. Berman’s styles have graced the covers of national magazines and appeared in scenes from Date Night, Ironman and Girls, among others.

The release and instant success of Black Halo EVE, Berman says, has been one of the top moments in her career so far. Prompted by a request from Neiman Marcus to design a collection of evening wear, it was the only store to carry the EVE collection when it made its first appearance fall 2012. The Spring 2013 Collection of EVE is now in full force at Neiman Marcus, Saks and Nordstrom, and online at and

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Black Halo is for the “romantic rebel,” Berman explains, “the rule breaker.” Her designs are sensible and timeless, allowing for countless ways to accessorize and create new looks from the same piece. “On trend, but never trendy.”

BH_JACKIEO_AUBERGINEMost well-known for the “Jackie O” dress, Berman aims to allow women to look and feel their best in whatever they are doing. “Two inches taller and 10 pounds thinner,” is a look women can achieve with Black Halo’s dress architecture and is especially important for those with on-camera appearances.

After a highly successful decade, Berman says her sights are not set far enough to forecast what the next ten years have in store for Black Halo, but a brick and mortar store is not out of the question. Black Halo shoes, handbags and fragrances may also see beginnings down the road.

She began her dream inside of a 3,500-square-foot building, uncertain of what the future would hold. Today, Black Halo occupies 15,000 square feet and employes 30, including her husband. “I wake up everyday in a good mood,” Berman says. A true professional fairytale of following a passion, Berman continues to flourish in the fashion world and love what she does.