April 21, 2014

Courtney Pedroza

Dress professionally as things heat up

It never fails that summers in Scottsdale are hotter than most places. This will never change, but styles will. Every year there is the struggle for what is appropriate to wear as working women who aren’t melting.

Alison Goodman is a stylist at Scottsdale Quarter and discussed with us how to dress in the office, while the thermometer goes over 115 degrees. Taking us to a few stores she gave us tips and options that are perfect for July’s Arizona businesswoman:

This green dress is perfect for summer to keep you cool. Having a classic A-line dress will be loose in the legs, so they’ll be able to breathe a bit, unlike the constriction of pants. The simplicity of it makes it easy to wear, and it is able to be dressed up or down. Not only is it practical, but the color really pops. It stands out and adds energy to the outfit, which is the pick-me-up everyone needs in the summer.




Wrap dresses are generally long sleeves but this one is a short sleeve. When shoulders are covered, you do not have to wear a blazer to go over it, so you can keep cool with your arms and legs exposed. What makes this dress stand out is the fabric’s lively print. Geometric patterns are very in this year and because it’s so busy you don’t have to add many accessories to it to make the outfit look pulled together.





When the weather gets so hot it’s okay to wear shorts to work if it’s a creative office. The shorts must go past your fingertips when your arms are down, though. Because you are already showing so much leg it would be better to pair them with a flat shoe and a jacket, so you are more conservative. In this outfit the shorts are paired with a sheer top and collarless jacket. The shirt is light so it will also keep you cool under the jacket.