A wedding is a ceremony of unification. It promises a life where a husband and wife will be together for better or for worse, for richer or poorer. This promise is preserved in sickness and in health until death do them part. These are familiar vows that we hear at every wedding. But before even getting to this part, there is so much to prepare for a wedding ceremony.

Traditionally, both couples do everything they can to pull off a wedding. From venue, food, attire, and everything else, a couple would prepare it. However, most couples today would simply hire an organizer to handle all the things that need to be done for the wedding.

For a bride, a wedding is also about wearing the right dress for that moment. For them, it is a day to be exceptionally beautiful and flawless. In fact, some brides are willing to go the extra mile so they could look perfect on that day. Locating a bridal boutique is easy, but choosing the right one is difficult. Thus, these are things you should know about wedding dresses.

The Beginning of Wedding Dresses

In documented history, the earliest civilizations did not have a concrete and organized concept of wedding dresses. Culture-wise, themes on wedding dresses vary based on their traditions and beliefs. Some would prefer bright colors like red and yellow as a symbol of warmth and celebration.

In today’s society,  most brides prefer to wear a white gown on these occasions. The color white represents purity and innocence that is highly emphasized during weddings. It is also seen as the most appropriate hue for wedding dresses. While the color white never goes out of style at any wedding, the bodice, neckline and shape change according to trend.

Wedding Dress Style

There are tons of styles to choose from in selecting the perfect wedding dress. But bear in mind that the ideal style is not always the right one for you. The body shape and height are considered when choosing a gown that suits the body structure.

Ball Gown

A fitted bodice paired with a full, dramatic skirt is a classical type of wedding dress style. It embodies the ‘princess’ look described in every fairytale. Though this style is not the best for women with petite structure, this is the ideal style for women with a big bust or a broad shoulder.

Mermaid or Fishtail

This style is to emphasize the hourglass figure of a woman. The bodice is fitted to the body matched with a dramatic flair from the knees down. It is also ideal for women with above-average height, though a pair of heels should easily do the trick.


An A-line style is almost the same with the ball gown the main difference is that the skirt widens gradually and less puffed out. This is ideal for women with a petite structure or a pear-shaped body. This will give the illusion of added height and a smaller waist.

Sheath or Column

This style is best for women with athletic figures. The style follows the natural shape of the body that drapes down to the hem. However, if you are conscious about your hips, this dress is not for you as it emphasizes a slim-cut.

Trumpet or Fit-and-Flare

The trumpet is ideal for women with an hourglass shape or pear-shaped body. This style is most similar to the A-Line and Mermaid. The thing that sets them apart is that the flare starts from mid-thigh down to the hem. Additionally, the trumpet style gives more freedom for the bride to move around because of the shape.

Wedding Dress Neckline

Most brides give more consideration of the style that suits their body shape. However, the neckline should also be given significance as it highlights the shoulder and the shape of the face.

Boat or Bateau

This neckline was popularized by Meghan Markle at her wedding with Prince Harry. This neckline emphasizes modesty as it is a straight-cut followed from shoulder to shoulder. It highlights the collarbone which looks classy with or without sleeves.


One of the most trendy necklines today, the Bardot is the popular style where a loose shoulder strap rests on the arms. It’s great when accessorized with a necklace. However, this neckline is not ideal for women with broader arms as it restricts movement.


It is a simple neckline that highlights the neck and displays a modest amount of cleavage. It is the familiar low-cut and rounded U-shaped neckline. It is suitable for every body-type that also emphasizes the collarbone and a large bust.


Most brides today prefer wearing wedding dresses with this neckline. One thing to remember about this neckline is that it should be fitted properly. A loose strapless neckline would fall off your bust immediately. On the other hand, a strapless neckline that is too tight will lead to spillage by the armpits and the back.


When choosing a wedding dress, the comfort when wearing the gown should not be sacrificed for the sake of the style. A perfect yet comfortable wedding dress would give more confidence to the bride as she strolls down the aisle.