Kendall has it. Kylie has it. Angelina has it.  Scarlett Johansson has it. And Gigi Hadid has it, too. It’s the “keyhole pout,” a lip enhancement method that results in a little hole right in the center of the pout.

One of the leading med spas in the Valley, Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa, has perfected this particular method that has been in demand, not only by Hollywood celebrities but by many of their clients as well. 

Achieving the “keyhole pout” involves using a simple string placed against the bow of the upper lip and at the center of the lower lip, while a Physician or Nurse injects dermal fillers to the lips. This method creates a subtle divide on the lower and upper lips, giving clients the perfect sexy pout.

“It’s very sexy but in a very subtle way,” says Jeanie Fabre, spa director of Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa. “The dermal fillers we use on our clients make lips look plump and luscious, but that keyhole effect adds that sexiness and even playfulness in the total look.”

Suddenly Slimmer’s Physician and Nurses typically use Restylane, Juvederm or Volbella for Lip Augmentation. Typically, after an injection, it is highly suggested to ice the lips often for the next 24hrs. Lip Augmentation is one of Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa’s most popular procedure. 

“For first-timers, our experts always take the time to consult with clients and educate them on what takes place during a lip enhancement treatment/keyhole pout,” said Fabre. 

Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa physicians are available to demonstrate how to achieve the keyhole pout. For more information, please call or text spa director, Jeanie Fabre 602-770-1590 (cell) or 602-952-8446 (spa number) or send email to For the latest beauty news and spa specials, like Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa on and