Gilbert-based Scorpion Repel has launched an innovative new treatment to prevent scorpions from entering any business or home, disrupting the traditional methods of the pest control industry and offering consumers and business owners a guaranteed way to repel scorpions. Scorpion Repel is a one-time, clear coat scorpion repellant that has proven to be the most effective way to stop scorpions from entering a building.

The product is applied to the base of a home’s exterior and when the application dries the surface becomes hard and glasslike, so scorpions, including the common, venomous bark scorpion which is known as a skilled climber, can no longer climb up the base surface due to its durability and slickness. The application is pesticide-free and it does not discolor the home or building.

“We are excited to be able to bring such a revolutionary product to the market,” said Scorpion Repel Co-Founder Aaron Gonzales. “I lived the frustration of scorpions first-hand after finding an infestation in my home, being stung, paying thousands of dollars to have the scorpions removed with traditional pesticides or prevented with sealing treatments only to have the scorpions re-enter my home just months later. This is what led me to develop this one-of-a-kind repellant that we guarantee to work.”

The scorpion repellant is comparable to other pest control services in affordability while delivering much better results with a 10 year guarantee.

“It is important to us to ensure that this service is affordable and accessible to everyone,” said the company’s other Co-Founder, Tony Gonzales. “After my son was stung three times by a scorpion, nearly killing him and leading us to spend hours in a hospital and pay thousands of dollars for medical treatment, I knew we had to find a way to prevent these circumstances from happening to other families. I’m proud we can give our customers a guaranteed way to prevent scorpions from entering their homes and ensuring their safety.”

Scorpion Repel is currently partnering with pest control companies to provide the one-time clear application to their customers’ homes. It is also licensing the application and process to anyone in the pest control industry.

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