September 1, 2013

Eric Shepperd

Detox from Your Day

Wellness looks different for every woman, whether you come alive on a jeep excursion or in a craft store, whether you have six children to take care of, or six co-workers to keep happy.  When it all boils down, there are a thousand to-do’s and a million expectations.  It is critical that we allow ourselves to detox from the day.  The human body is a storehouse for stress, and it affects every area of life, from relationships and financial decisions, to addictions and health.

It is essential to wellness that we empower our bodies to detox at varying degrees daily, monthly, and quarterly. Surprisingly, the sea holds the secrets to the best remedies. The ocean is populated with uncountable species of sea-life, each undergoing the life processes and consuming and excreting into the water.  Not only is sea-life a pollutant, but the ocean is also filled with human waste products and bio-fuels that leak into the water.  Despite all of this, ocean life sustains itself. The sea-vegetables are powerful sources of cleaning and renewing the environment they live in, in order to thrive. It is a fascinating reality that can be implemented into the human efforts of detoxification as well. The sea vegetables that clean the ocean can also cleanse the human body. Plants such as algae, spirulina, and seaweed can serve as toothbrushes for our organs. Kelp is known to purify the blood and support thyroid health and bladderwrack relieves arthritis pain. Sodium alginate in sea vegetables binds to chemical toxins in the body and then pulls the heavy metals out of our organs. After a full day’s worth of exposure to toxins through pollutants in the air, chemicals absorbing into our skin, and daily die-off of cells in our body, a detox treatment can be a critical jumpstart to the body and mind.

In addition to the empowerment of body’s detox system, we must also remember to detox the mind. Our organs need a jumpstart, and so does our heart and mind.  Set aside uninterrupted time each week to do what makes you feel alive. Go for a walk, read your favorite blog, or pour a hot cup of coffee.  In the hustle and bustle of life, it is so easy to overlook the importance of a “mental detox,” but the reality is that the world needs you at your best. Each of us are purposed for unique greatness, and when we run on the fuels of exhaustion, even our best days are a diluted cup of our truest heart and desires.  So tend to your body, and tend to your heart. Let’s allow ourselves to re-boot and invite the fullness of physical and mental health.

For a simple sea-botanically based detox system, I suggest Arbonne’s SeaSource Spa line, a group of detoxifying products based completely on the science of sea vegetables.  Visit to learn more about SeaSource.