Orangetheory Fitness offers a unique heart-pounding, muscle-pumping, calorie-burning workout that continues to burn calories and increase the body’s metabolism hours after the exercising has stopped. Unlike every other gym or fitness facilities, Orangetheory focuses on one workout for its members and is structured around a specific theory that can only be found in the orange lights of its studios.

The “theory” behind the workout is called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC for short.  What this means is that 24 to 36 hours after working out the body is still trying to get back to its pre-exercise state and will continue to burn 200 to 400 more calories during that time. The Orange 60 is the workout that gets the body into this “after-burning” effect. It is an hour long workout that consists of three intervals that last about 26 minutes. Of these intervals, the cardio portion is done on the treadmill, and the strength aspect of the workout is executed by indoor rowing or with weights.  Each of these intervals consists of block exercises that last about six to eight minutes long.

Orange Theory-1659It sounds like a tough exercise, because it is. The workout is designed to keep the heart at the 80 percent maximum heart rate which is called the burning zone.  However, at Orangetheory Fitness, it is called the Orange Zone.  The patrons are supposed to stay in this heart rate zone for 12 to 20 minutes during the hour long workout.  Becky Renner, an Area Representative here in Arizona states, “The Orange Zone is uncomfortable, but there is music, and trainers to help keep you motivated and stay in the maximum heart rate zone.” Upon entering, everyone is given a heart rate monitor and a POD.  The POD is clipped on the strap of the heart monitor and projects the user’s heart rate on a screen for everyone to see.  This is so that members can easily see where they are in case they need to push themselves a little harder.

Orangethoery gives its members an exclusive workout experience that they wouldn’t be able to find at any other gym but the Orange 60 is the only workout that they offer. There aren’t any other classes or a personal training options. Nonetheless, trainers will give you all of the assistance and motivation you’ll need to complete the workout and keep you wanting to come back for more. They can also give you a modified workout that will still get your heart to the Orange Zone if you have any past or present injuries. They also have quarterly weight loss challenges with large cash prizes that are local and national. The fitness center also holds nutritional seminars for all of their members.

Orangetheory Fitness studios are located Valleywide and can’t be missed due to the bright orange colors. From the light bulbs to the workout equipment, to the name of the actual workout and name of the center itself, Orangetheory Fitness is coloring Arizona. The institution was founded in Florida, which might have had an effect on the color scheme but Becky Renner, says “the color orange represents energy,” which is what you need to make it through the workout and is also one of the benefits to joining besides becoming more fit.