It’s the workout everyone is buzzing about. Now, Row House has officially opened its first Arizona location in Scottsdale. Originally created in NYC, the high-energy and low impact fitness concept modeled after the team sport is quickly sweeping the nation as it reaches cult status.  Row House is Arizona’s first gym dedicated entirely to indoor rowing and the first of three locations planned for the Valley.

As the hottest new fitness concept to hit the scene, Row House is a high-energy, maximum efficiency, SoulCycle-style rowing workout that works over 85 percent of your muscle groups in a fast-paced and fun 45-minute workout.

“Row House is one of the hottest workouts in the country right now because of how efficiently rowing works the entire body,” said Kim Gavin, Arizona franchise owner for Row House. “It’s a fun, intense, high-energy workout with an amazing team-approach that people of all ages, fitness levels, strength levels and abilities love,” she said. “It’s a uniquely powerful workout that gets the adrenaline pumping like none other while torching calories, building strength, confidence and boosting heart health,” Gavin said. 

With smooth strokes in fluid motion, group fitness class participants move together like teammates on a boat, rowing on individual machines with power at a cadence guided by an enthusiastic instructor.

“The rowing machine is the most efficient piece of fitness equipment in the gym, but most people don’t know how to properly use it,” Gavin said. “At Row House, the first thing you learn is proper rowing form and many people are surprised to learn 60% of the work is done by the legs, 30% is core and body and 10% is arms,” she said. 

The result? An intense fat-burning workout that keeps 85 percent of your muscle groups engaged with low impact and high intensity.

“It’s a total mood-booster,” said Adrienne Bryant, a Phoenix-based commercial real estate broker and founding member of Row House. “The first class I took at Row House I knew I was hooked,” she said. “The team environment is awesome, everyone is sweaty and smiling, and each class feels like a party with killer music and people cheering each other on,” she said.

Like SoulCycle, Row House is very much a lifestyle brand,” Gavin said. “At Row House, members become part of a culture that goes far beyond your typical workout class,” Gavin said. Fans of the workout have called it “addictive in the best way,” which Gavin chalks up to rowing’s powerful ability to challenge 85 percent of the body in every workout.

“There’s just something about feeling better, faster and stronger with every class that keeps people coming back,” she said.

Row House is part of the dynamic group of fitness concepts under the California-based Xponential Fitness umbrella that includes Club Pilates, Cyclebar and Yoga Six, which recently announced its first Valley location in Scottsdale last month. 

Classes at RowHouse are exactly 45 minutes long and vary by type. Some formats keep rowers on the machine for nearly 90 percent of the class, while other formats incorporate work off the rower. The “Body” class uses dumbbells for a sculpting and toning portion, while the “Power” class incorporates high-energy bursts of interval training to challenge the aerobic threshold. The “Restore” class offers portions of dynamic stretching in between rowing.

Prices range from $29 for a single class to $179 per month for unlimited visits. Curious about Row House and want to give it a try? The first class is always ‘on the house’. 

“If you’re focused on your health and fitness goals this year and want to look better, feel better, make friends and get involved with a fun fitness community, we’ve got a spot for you in our boat,” Gavin said. 

Row House is now open in Scottsdale in the Hilton Village Shopping Center, located at 6149 N Scottsdale Rd Ste. 106, Scottsdale, AZ 85250.

To  learn more about Row House, view the class schedule or book a class,  visit or call (480) 550-7811. Row House also offers a convenient app to view the schedule and book classes with one click. Click here to visit the App Store and download the Row House app. Follow Row House Scottsdale – Hilton Village on Facebook and Instagram @rowhousehiltonvillage.