Skin Laundry founder Yen Reis
Skin Laundry founder Yen Reis

I have struggled with acne most of my adult life. After decades of spending money on expensive topical products and innumerable painful chemical peels and prescriptions from the dermatologist, I have finally found a solution. Skin Laundry has been my answer to a decades long embarrassment.

Melasma, brownish patches of hyperpigmentation, has also been a significant problem for me. I’ve spent the last six years trying to blend, cover and conceal it with layers of makeup, but all that did was contribute more the acne issue. However, Skin Laundry has rescued me from that affliction as well.

The results from my very first appointment were staggering. Within minutes, my face felt lighter and tighter and so much brighter. I left the clinic without any makeup, but felt a new sense of confidence. After a few hours, I noticed that my blemishes were dry and clearing. I awoke the next morning to find that the patches of Melasma appeared to be breaking up a bit.
I have had four treatments at Skin Laundry now and I’m really seeing a huge difference in the overall tone and evenness of my skin. My face is softer and it feels so healthy.

Obviously the acne and Melasma were my biggest concerns, but a great bonus has been the reduction of the fine lines I had. I’m only 34, but I’ve spent all of those years in the sun. The Skin Laundry laser treatments have begun to reverse the damage that’s done.

Just as your physical health is improved with ongoing fitness, Skin Laundry believes that it takes commitment to improve your skin – your body’s largest organ. Regular Skin Laundry treatments will visibly improve your skin’s smoothness, evenness, tone, texture, radiance and clarity, while diminishing the appearance of pores, reducing the look of lines and wrinkles, and restoring firmer, tighter skin.

Every Skin Laundry treatment leaves the skin deep-cleaned and toned. More frequent treatments result in more dramatic improvements in the areas of acne, redness, unevenness, dullness, hyperpigmentation and photo aging. Over time, significant and noticeable improvements in the overall look and health of the skin are realized and sustained.

Skin Laundry has announced the opening of its first laser skin clinic location in the Scottsdale Quarter, 15037 N. Scottsdale Rd., # 160, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Skin Laundry at Scottsdale Quarter is the beauty brand’s sixth clinic in the US. Inspired by LA’s healthy living lifestyle, Skin Laundry opened its flagship location in Santa Monica, CA in 2013 and the seventh clinic is set to open in NYC later this year.

Skin Laundry is a simple, smart and safe laser skin treatment solution designed to make maintaining healthy skin both accessible and convenient. Skin Laundry’s signature 10 minute medical-grade treatment delivers deep down skin cleaning and improvement with no downtime. Using modern technology and advanced noninvasive lasers and light therapy, Skin Laundry’s proprietary system vaporizes the dirt, debris, pollutants and toxins in the skin deep within pores. The result: better brighter, cleaner and clearer skin. Each Skin Laundry clinic is staffed with a team of certified healthcare professionals highly trained on proven methods and overseen by a team of medical advisors.

The clinics are designed to be contemporary and casual. Skin Laundry’s distinct environment blends the comfortable, relaxed California lifestyle with clean, quality and inviting clinic experience, a refreshing departure from a typical medical facility. The friendly and efficient staff consistently provides guests with a seamless and effortless check-in system.

Skin Laundry has also developed a line of everyday skin products aimed at helping maintain and improve a person’s results between treatments. My favorite product so far has been the Hydrating Radiance Facial Treatment Mask.

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