Being an athlete and sports a big part of your life you get prone to injuries and experience discomfort in playing sports. Playing sports has numerous demands of participation that include running, jumping and tackling. In times of injury putting your body through these activities can result in discomfort, painful tears, sprains, and strains. If so, it may be a sign for you to consider chiropractic care.  

A sports chiropractor is a trained medical professional who treats sports-related injuries. Chiropractic is still considered to be an “alternative medicine” as it deals with a holistic approach to treatment and considers the wellness of your entire body, not the area of injury alone. Incline health is one of the professionals that understands the life of an athlete and the importance of getting back to normal physical activity levels and therefore tends to showcase specific benefits of chiropractic care with their wide experience.

Can sports Injuries Be Prevented?

Prevention is possible for some sports injuries by doing proper stretching and warm-up exercises on an everyday basis. The main reasons athletes suffer sports injuries due to forceful impacts, repetitive motions, over-training and failure to warm up properly. 

When patients allow their symptoms to prolong for a longer period it can be that much more difficult to return to normal routines. In the case of pulled muscles, chiropractic can be both a preventive as well as curative treatment. Regular chiropractic care has several benefits of treating sports injuries and prevent many others.

When to See a Sports Chiropractor?

During an intense physical activity when you damage the body and require some regular treatment and maintenance for the wear and tear then seeing a sports chiropractic is a great option for you. Regular chiropractic care can help athletes to relieve their pain and help them heal faster after an injury. It is a simple and quick way to recover after games and training as well as it provides better balance and overall performance.  So, schedule regular check-ups to prevent injuries from occurring and to keep your body performing properly.

How Can a Sports Chiropractor Help?

A sports chiropractor will keep the spine in proper alignment and help the entire body to function better and feel healthier. They are skilled in manual adjustment of the spine, ensuring that bones are lined up and balanced. Mainly chiropractic technique restores the joint function while resolving joint swelling and reducing the pain. 

This is a hands-on therapy that is often used to treat neck or back injuries with a better range of motion, and faster recovery time. An athlete can get their sports injuries healed or, even better, prevented in the first place. They offer the chance of receiving alternative treatments without the risks of surgery and or medications.

Some of the symptoms associated with chronic pain from an injury that can be healed by chiropractic therapy are:

1. Concussions

2. Neck pain

3. Shin splints

4. Muscle strains

5. Achilles Tendinitis

6. Pulled muscles

7. Back pain

8. Tennis elbow

9. Knee pain

10. Sprained ankle

11. Surgery rehabilitation

Process of Chiropractic therapy

• Chiropractic therapy involves the manipulation of joints and muscles to relieve the pain and stiffness without any need for invasive surgery or toxic medications.

• A chiropractor will examine your back, extremities, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

• Check for treatment which is better for your condition from the two common techniques of spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization.

• They will perform a manual impulse to an affected joint which can cause audible crack sounds, called cavitation, due to which the release of gas.

• For Spinal mobilization, they will use a gentle approach, and utilize tools or simple stretches to release pressure in joints.

Even other treatment methods can be incorporated to relieve pain such as ice, heat or electric stimulation.

For advanced pain and chronic sports injuries, consider a chiropractor who with their professional experience can undo this damage and leave the body free from pain. Chiropractic adjustments are completely safe, holistic and non-invasive and are effective to treat sports injuries and improve range of motion in athletes.