Getting bored of your yoga routine? Refresh your mind, body and spirit by taking things outdoors.

Getting out of the studio and into the fresh air offers many ohm-mazing perks you may miss when practicing in the studio.

Being outside and in a nature-based area allows you to engage deeper into your relaxation, putting the mind at ease while stimulating the senses. Moving your yoga session outdoors makes the practice more adventurous and free. It allows you to go at your own pace and focus on what your body needs. You can choose your location based on what’s comfortable for you.

There are many groups and health studios that host outdoor yoga classes and events in the Phoenix area. We recommend Yoga Rocks the Park, which hasn’t posted its Phoenix schedule for 2014 yet. Check with some of your favorite hotels and spas for rooftop yoga. Hotel Palomar is one such hotel that has an outdoor yoga season. As does the Biltmore Fashion Park. There are also different types of outdoor yoga such as hiking yoga and yoga in the park, many of which are posted on

If you practice outdoors, bring water, sunscreen and a towel to protect yourself from the heat. You may want to buy a thicker mat so you can work on a smooth surface.