A new study has revealed how many LEGO bricks would be needed to rebuild some of America’s biggest and most famous buildings and monuments.

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Research conducted by online gaming site im-a-puzzle.com calculated the volume of each structure using its dimensions and then figured out how many 2×2 LEGOs would be needed to recreate a life-size version. They also calculated the cost of each sculpture based on the price per LEGO which currently stands at 11¢ according to Amazon. There are over 400 billion LEGO bricks in existence, these have been produced in the last 90 years since The LEGO Group’s formation. However, would this be enough to build any of the most famous and biggest landmarks in America?

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Grand Canyon – 1.6 quintillion bricks

If The Grand Canyon were filled with LEGO bricks it would require a monumental 1.6 quintillion bricks. To put that in perspective if you put each of those bricks on top of each other It would stretch over 16 trillion km, which would build a tower to Pluto 3137 times! According to astrophysicists the value of Earth is $5 quadrillion, so it would require 35 Earths to pay back the debt to LEGO.

Cost – $177 quadrillion 

Hollywood icons – 26 million bricks

The Hollywood walk of fame stretches 1.3 miles, expanding over 4 blocks, to repave it purely with LEGOs would only need 19 million bricks, and to complete the new LEGO look, the Hollywood sign would only need 7 million bricks to replace the letters with LEGOs! With a price tag of only $3 million, this is one of most affordable LEGO projects.

Cost – $3 million 

New York (Statue of Liberty and Central Park) – 900 million bricks

The Statue of Liberty, one of the most Iconic structures In America, would only require 1 billion bricks to build a life-size replica, however, Central Park with its 843 acres would require 21 billion bricks to re-landscape the entire park!

Cost – $107 million 

 Mount Rushmore – 253 billion bricks

Mount Rushmore is a majestic attraction with 4 faces of past American Presidents etched into its granite walls, each face being over 60 ft high. Due to its vast size this monument would require 253 billion bricks, over half of the current bricks that exist on earth today!

Cost – $27 billion

The White House – 19 billion bricks

The research estimated that to build a life-size replica of The White House you would need approximately 19 billion bricks, so technically with the current LEGOs that exist it could be built, however, a 1 million piece LEGO sculpture recently took 13,000 hours, meaning to build this life-size White House using every single brick it would take 28,000 years.

Cost – $2.1 billion 

The Empire State Building – 409 billion bricks

The Empire State building is 1250 ft tall and has been a part of New York’s constantly evolving skyline for over 90 years, making it not only an iconic landmark but also the 9th tallest building in America. To build a life-size replica of this tower it would require over 409 billion bricks, that’s more LEGOs than stars in our galaxy! The original LEGO model had only 1767 pieces.

Cost – $45 billion

Willis Tower – 592 billion bricks

 The Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower, is the third tallest building in America and located in Chicago. This huge skyscraper would need 592 billion bricks to complete a life-size replica which is a slight change from the original LEGO set which only contained 69 pieces and retailed for $19.99.

Cost – $65 billion

One World Trade Center – 786 billion bricks

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in America and the 6th tallest in the world standing at 1776 ft. A LEGO model was designed for this structure in 2017 containing 2072 bricks, however, to build a life-size model it was estimated that the project would need 786 billion bricks.

Cost – $86 billion

Kennedy Space Center (VAB) – 1.4 trillion bricks

 The KSC is the 7th largest building in the world by volume, meaning that it may not be the tallest but to create a solid real-life structure out of LEGOs it would take a lot of bricks. An estimated 1.4 trillion! That means if the production of LEGO continued at the same rate, we would need to wait another 220 years to have enough LEGOs to even start building. Even then a build of this size at the rate it took us to build 1 million pieces (13,000 hours) would take 2 million years to complete!

Cost – $157 billion

This study was conducted by im-a-puzzle.com, where users can play thousands of online jigsaw puzzles for free, with picture puzzles and games of all types — from animals to bridges to landscapes and more.