One of the finest ways to travel the world is by bike. You can take it on a casual ride through your neighborhood or get out of town and explore places you’ve never seen. Either way, e-bikes and electric tricycle for adults are a great way to explore new places, making it easier to explore the world.

Finding the perfect e-bike can be daunting. There are such wide varieties that it’s hard to know where to start. Addmotor is a company that makes electric bikes that breaks the mold. They have three collections, each with its unique personality. The Addmotor ebike and etrike collections are the perfect way to find the right electric bike for you.

Top 3 Addmotor ebike and etrike

If you’re a millennial who is environmentally conscious, you probably don’t want to spend a lot on a new car. Luckily, that’s not the only option. Addmotor, a company specializing in electric trikes and electric bike for adults, has various options to fit your needs. Here are the top 3 ebike & etrike collections from Addmotor:

1.  Grandtan M-340 ETRIKE 2023Price- $3,099

If you want an electrical tricycle with the latest features and fast speed at an affordable price, Addmotor Grandtan M-340 etrike 2023 is the best e-trike for you. The Grandtan M-340 Etrike 2023 is a futuristic e-trike that can make your life easier. Its unique features, like a powerful 750W motor or 85 miles plus PAS I and more,  make it futuristic as you all know that each ebike or etrike needs an electric supply for operation. Similarly, Grandtan M-340 comes with a 48V 20AH long-lasting Samsung lithium-ion battery.  On top of all features, Grandtan has 4.0 fat tires for more balance and control. Moreover, it has a 5-inch LCD display that can provide details like speed, mileage, battery, and more while on the go. There is no end, below are other top features and price detail of the Addmotor Grandtan electric trike

  • Step-thru frame
  • Back and front lights.
  • Tektro mechanical disc brake with motor cut-off sensor
  • Twist grip throttle with power cut switch
  • Extra wide saddle with backrest
  • Spring suspension fork

2.  M-330 P-07 electric fat trike, Price- $2,799

If you want an etrike ebike with less mileage, M-330 P-07 electric fat trike is the best product for you as it comes with a mileage of up to 55 miles. Like Grandtan, it also has a powerful 750W motor that can help you to reach your destination faster. This electric trike comes with a battery of 48V*17.5AH lithium-ion Samsung cell with 768WH of capacity and excellent longevity. It also comes with 20*Kenda puncture-resistant tires that can help you to ride most terrain smoothly. Apart from it, below are the list of other top features and price-

  • Strong and durable frame
  • Front and backlight
  • 5-inch LCD display
  • Tektro 160MM disc breaks
  • Folding, telescoping, and handlebar stem
  • MOZO 50MM travel front fork

3. E-43 Citypro Electric bike, Price- $1,599

If you are not planning to buy an electric tricycle and looking for an electric bike with a long battery and great mileage, Addmotor E-43 Citypro electric bike is the best product for you. This electric bike comes with a 20AH longer battery with EB 2.0 battery design. As a result, this ebike can give more than 125 miles of mileage per charge. Moreover, this ebike has an EB2.0 light system that can give ultimate visibility with impressive durability.

E-43 electric bike has a powerful 500W motor that can make rump up to 907 watts. You are wrong if you think the E-43 Citypro electric bike’s features and specifications are the ends. Below are other top features of this electric bike-

  • 26*2.3 tires
  • Polygon frames
  • EB 2.0 20A controller
  • EB 2.0 multi-function LCD display
  • EB 2.0 headlight


The e-bike and the e-trike market is booming. More people are turning to these bikes as an alternative to the car for their daily commute, weekend adventures, and even to get around their cities. The Addmotor EBIKE and electric trikes for adults collections are the top of the line in this category, and you can get them for a great price.