Whether you’re a strong believer in astrology or you take your horoscope with a grain of salt, it’s difficult to deny that the zodiac signs typically match our personalities pretty well. Fire, earth, air, or water, each sign craves different colors, textures, and styles to be able to flourish at home. 

According to astrologers, looking to your zodiac personalities can give clues to preferred tones, finishes, and furnishings. To figure out which rooms to focus on and exactly how to decorate Erik Tinker, founder of Tinker Development, describes the ideal home design for each zodiac sign below.


Leos, the “royalty of the zodiac,” are ruled by the Sun and are the life of the party. This sign prefers a home with ample entertaining space and a large dining room. Their decor is exotic with bold colors, gold accents and plenty of natural light.


Virgos are perfectionists, extremely detailed oriented and analytical. Their primary element is earth and they are all about practicality and utility. Virgos favor neutral colors with minimalistic décor and furnishings. They should focus on functional design choices throughout, like easy-to-clean floors and tiles.


Libra is ruled by Venus, known as the planet of beauty. This sign loves a stylish and elegant home filled with beautiful objects.  They are peacemakers who seek harmony in their home. A Libra’s space will often reflect a strong sense of balance. They should focus on creating a room that is pleasing to the eye with design symmetry.


This sign is symbolized by a scorpion and influenced by Pluto. Scorpios are magnetic and passionate beings with strong personalities. They can use bold shapes and unique colors. Some Scorpios bask in dark intense colors like crimson red and black.


This sign is influenced by Jupiter, and a Sagittarius’ home often has a colorful scheme. Sagittarii were born with the travel bug and love the smell of the great outdoors. For this globetrotting sign, decorate with exotic collectibles, vintage suitcases and rustic artifacts.


Capricorns are symbolized by the goat and influenced by Saturn. Capricorns are drawn to traditional décor that include grandfather clocks, wood cabinetry and all-American brands. A great work area complete with full bookcases and a sturdy desk is vital for this sign. They should look for high-quality pieces to create a show-stopping room, like a grand piano.


Aquarians are known to be dreamers who are stubborn and focused on effecting change. They should accessorize with translucent pieces like glass bowls and vases. Aquarii are original freethinkers drawn to open concepts with industrial design to encourage creativity.


Pisces are artsy people pleasers who thrive on solitude. As a water sign, Pisces are sensitive, enigmatic souls whose homes are a true sanctuary. They should look for artwork with movement like water or wind. The perfect room for Pisceans is a quiet oasis for meditation with serene ocean colors of blues and greens and a Zen fountain.


Stubborn and restless, Aries is ruled by Mars. This is a masculine sign whose primary element is fire. Aries are adventurous, courageous and energetic. Their lives are an open book and their homes reflect this. This sign should avoid muted colors and seek vibrant shades of crimson red or hot pink to bolster their spirits and stay motivated.  Aries should think outside of the box with textures, upholstery or an accent wall.


Tauruses enjoy spending money on the finer things in life and creating their home to be “heaven on Earth”. This sign is symbolized by a bull with a primary element of earth. Tauruses are drawn to comfortable, relaxing surroundings with high standards and exquisite style. Decorating with natural fibers and incorporating wooden elements into the space will perfectly contrast the soft and cozy ambiance.


Symbolized by twins and influenced by the hot and fast Mercury. Gemini is a masculine sign whose primary element is air. This air sign craves diversity with electric prints, colors, accents and endless natural light. Geminis should mesh different designs like Moroccan tiles, kilim rugs and exotic patterns.


Cancers are ruled by the moon and known to be loving and emotional homebodies who prefer to plant their roots. They like to have their house feel cozy and inviting to friends and family. This water sign should use colors like silver, pale blues and shimmery whites. As a sensitive water sign, Cancers should fill their home with comforting elements like oversized pillows and sentimental objects.