Instagram contains a lot of inspiration just waiting to find you, especially when it comes to interior design.

It can be hard finding incite on a site with so many posts, and accounts to choose from, but we here at Creative Designer found some awesome accounts posting great content you won’t want to miss.

Also, being able to see design ideas from across the country, as well as locally is always a great. But how do you find these posters?

We’ve found some for you. Here are seven Instagram accounts you can follow to get some great design ideas:


Summer Style #livingroom #seaside #hotel #interior #interiors #interiordesign #design #architecture

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This underrated (only 2,097 followers) Instagram posts beautiful designs of homes to give you peaceful ideas. There are many mosts showing how you can utilize floral arrangements, that would make any home colorful.



Although they’re a Pinterest-based arts and crafts store, they also post great things on their Instagram. Pinspiration‘s Instagram account shows fun ideas that you can make, and add to your home’s interior.


@trude.vaagenes 💜

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White interiors has been a fashion trend for a while now, and this account showcases that trend quite a bit in its posts. Take a look at these clean looking home interiors, which include kitchen and family room designs.


Sometimes simple is just better. 📷: @melissajill of @coleyarnold’s home

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Everyone loves vintage and Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market, which is coming to Arizona soon, brings you the best of vintage. There’s nothing quite like looking backwards to get an idea for future designs.


『子供と暮らす部屋』小さな椅子、モビールに三輪車。子供がいるときにしかできないインテリアを楽しんで。3千枚以上の子供と暮らす部屋実例を参考にしてみてください Photo:meeeeeee37(RoomNo.397952) ▶︎この部屋のインテリアはRoomClipのアプリからご覧いただけます。アプリはプロフィール欄から 各種投稿イベント、サンプリングキャンペーン開催中です【まもなく終了する投稿イベント】『文房具収納〜5/28』【まもなく終了するサンプリングキャンペーン】『Philips Hue(ヒュー)〜5/25』 #RoomClip#interior#architecture#interiordesign#decoration#styling#myhome#livingroom#homedesign#interiordecor#homestyling#lifestyle#インテリア#ハンドメイド#日常#家#くらし#部屋#新居#リノベーション#マンション#内装#住まい#リビング#イケア#モビール#北欧#シンプルチュラル#子供と暮らす#キッズインテリア

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If you’re looking for fun design ideas from across the sea, then Room Clip JP, from Japan, is an account to follow. They post simple, yet intriguing designs that might be perfect for an apartment, or college student’s bedroom. You might have to use Google translate to get the gist of the design, but don’t let that deter you.


This account posts luxury items, while focussing on accessories for your home. If you’re trying to figure out a fun pillow idea, or are looking for a lamp idea, then head to this account.


You’ve heard of the Real Housewives, but what about the real houses of Instagram? This account posts lots of photos of gorgeous homes, with a cute East Coast like vibe.

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