Local interior designers help remodel, refresh, renew

Lifestyle | 31 Dec, 2018 |

Updating and redesigning your home can bring incredible results but getting to the end of the project or remodel can be challenging. Working with a professional interior designer can help solve design dilemmas and ease the process. The Arizona North chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is giving homeowners the opportunity to consult with a professional interior designer, at a reduced rate, with the Interior Designer for Hire program. Designers volunteer their time and the fees collected are used for local student scholarships and educational programs 

Now in its tenth year, Interior Designer for Hire runs from February 1 through April 30, 2019. This popular program matches homeowners with local ASID designers for a one or two-hour consultation at $99 for a one hour consultation or $175 for a two-hour consultation. The Interior Designer for Hire program is only offered once a year and is a great opportunity to work with an interior designer, seek their advice and learn about the benefits of working with a professional in creating your own personal environment.

“We love providing this program to local residents,” said Amy Strang, President of Arizona North chapter of ASID. “Interior Designer for Hire gives homeowners a unique one-on-one in-home opportunity with a professional interior designer on refreshing or updating their home or office.”

WHO: Arizona North chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers

WHAT: Annual Interior Designer for Hire program

WHEN: February 1 – April 30, 2019, registration opens January 15, 2019

WHERE: Designer consultations are available Valley-wide and in Northern Arizona

COST: $99 for 1-hour consultation, $175 for 2-hour consultation, maximum is a 2-hour consult

To learn more about the Arizona North chapter of ASID and Designer for Hire visit https://azn.asid.org/

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