Mandalay Homes introduces iON sustainable homes

Lifestyle | 26 Jan |

Mandalay Homes introduces the iON Series, a revolutionary new approach to home building, focused on energy efficiency and sustainability as a standard for home buyers, while promoting the large-scale use of clean energy. The iON Series is part of Mandalay Homes’ nationally recognized and award-winning home building innovation.

The iON Series by Mandalay Homes has a carbon footprint nearly 65% lower than a code-built competitor home giving the homeowner peace of mind that their new home has a considerably reduced impact on the environment. Through thoughtful design, intelligent systems, and energy optimization to utility rate plans, Mandalay’s iON Series homes cost less to live in and protect the homeowners from high and variable utility costs. Also, to satisfy environmentally conscious Arizonans, intelligent technology is used to increase water conservation efforts and reduce the use of building materials during the construction process.

Mandalay’s new iON Series of homes feature optimized rooftop solar panels on every home that harvest clean solar energy into an intelligent storage system for use during evening and peak hours. No other production builder is currently offering this to their homeowners as a standard product. Mandalay Homes’ industry leading energy efficiency combined with the integration of renewable energy produce a home that can maintain low energy costs for the homeowner while retaining beautiful design features such as large windows and open floor plans.

Mandalay’s iON homes are built to meet and exceed the standards of EPA’s Indoor airPLUS certification and include a whole-house air filtration and fresh air exchange systems. Mandalay also builds using only low or no VOC materials, paints and adhesives to achieve the highest standards for indoor air quality and create a healthier living environment.

“We are proud to announce the new iON Series,” explains Dave Everson, Founder and CEO of Mandalay Homes. “We always strive to build homes that create a healthier environment for our homeowners while saving them money and contributing to the bigger picture, which is sustainable building practices and a reduced carbon footprint.”

For the past six years the U.S. Department of Energy has recognized Mandalay Homes as being one of the most innovative home builders in America. Mandalay Homes was also recently named the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for the second year in a row, this is a trend that Mandalay Homes continues to strive for to stay ahead of the game in the home building industry.

To learn more about the iON Series by Mandalay Homes visit To learn more about available iON communities by Mandalay Homes visit or call 855-955-6466.

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