Many reasons can make you want to quit drinking and turn your life around. Some people are driven by the desire to change their lifestyle. They might want to forget about hangovers, gain more energy, lose weight, or even sleep better.

For others, it might be a challenge thrown at them by friends or family. However, not everybody quits drinking due to these reasons. Some people are forced to quit drinking for things like medical conditions such as liver diseases caused by alcohol consumption.

They could even have been put under medication that would react with alcohol. Whatever reason is driving you to quit drinking, it is important to note that this is a step that anyone can take and be successful. So, how do you quit drinking and turn your life around?

Before You Quit…

You need to evaluate whether you are addicted to alcohol or not. If you feel that you are dependent on alcohol, then you need to first consult a health professional. You should speak to these professionals or visit an alcohol rehab near you for support and advice.

If you are an alcohol addict or dependent on alcohol, it means that you cannot function or do anything without taking alcohol. This, in turn, means that if you quit drinking, you are going to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms you might experience include nausea, sweating, or even shaking. These symptoms might make it difficult for you to quit drinking without seeking external help.

If you are not an addict:

Avoid Temptations

If you have just decided to quit drinking, then make sure that you are avoiding all situations that might tempt you to drink. For instance, you can avoid hanging out with your friends at that favorite alcohol joint.

The first step to avoiding temptations is by identifying places or situations that make you drink. This might be difficult but think about the places you go when you want to drink or the things you do when you want to drink.

It might be easy for you to single out your favorite bar, but have you thought about the alcohol you have at home? You also need to get rid of any alcoholic drinks in your house and eliminate them from your shopping list.

Tell People About Your Intentions

It might be difficult to tell your friends – who you hang out with the most when taking alcohol – that you want to quit drinking. That notwithstanding, it is important to make sure that you have made your intentions known and explained why you are making this decision.

If they are true friends and want the best for you, they are going to support your decision. They are even going to be there for you and help you through the journey. When you turn down alcoholic drinks from them, they will understand without questions.

Throughout the journey, you will achieve certain milestones. For example, six months without alcohol. Always share these milestones and successes with friends and family. Apart from being proud of you, they will find more reasons to support your decision.

Try New Things

Since you have been spending a considerable amount of time every week drinking, what are you going to fill this time with? You need to find new things that you can do to avoid being tempted back to drinking.

For instance, if you had been meeting your friends at the bar every weekend, maybe you could offer to take them for a movie and avoid being at the bar. If you drink at home, why not adopt one of these at-home hobbies that are hot right now?

Reward Your Progress

Quitting alcohol is a very big achievement and a positive change. Just like any other change, you will encounter situations that might make you question your decision. It is, therefore, important for you to reward yourself when you achieve a certain milestone.

In addition, you do not have to get mad at yourself when you slip up from time to time. This happens when people are going through change. The most important thing is to understand the process and commit to it.

Tracking your progress is easily done when you set certain short-term goals for yourself. Achieving these goals is essential in boosting your motivation. You, however, should make sure that you do not set goals that are difficult to achieve.

It might be difficult to quit drinking and turn your life around, but following the tips discussed above will help you through the journey.