Only 26 percent of Americans say they know their neighbors well.

We all know the importance of community and bringing people together. And although some people aren’t as outgoing as others, social bonds are the lifeblood of our society. If you’re eager to host a block party once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our top block party ideas.


Why not create a once-in-a-lifetime neighborhood block party?

Find a neighbor whose a master chef and ask them to man the BBQ. Then ask any musicians to perform for the afternoon and don’t forget to provide a great selection of drinks.

Movie Night

Host our cinema movie night complete with popcorn. Choose a film that the whole neighborhood will enjoy if you don’t have a projector look into inflatable screen rentals.

You can even make artificial movie tickets to make the night seem more legit!


There’s no greater way to bond than over brews. Get a range of local beers and host a neighborhood party. Create a menu and post this on the social media event page so neighbors can bring their favorites.

Water Fight

Not sure how to host a block party?

Don’t worry, it can be as simple as a giant water fight. Gather up the kids and arm them with water balloons, water guns, and buckets of water. While the kids get soaked, the parents can cool off with a few cocktails. Perfect for a summer block party!

Neighborhood Cook-Off

Everyone likes to think they’re the next top chef. So why not let them prove it in the kitchen? Ask every household to bring a dish and allocate judges to score them. And you don’t want to cook, you can still enjoy the delicious meals your neighbors whip up.

Dress Up Party

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for you throw a costume themed block party. You can pick a theme or give your neighbors the chance to let their personalities shine. Children will love the chance to get creative, and you could even include a prize for best dressed.

Sports Day

Organize games so the community can bond through some light-hearted competition.

Host games like a three-legged or egg-and-spoon races, and water balloon toss. Don’t worry if you’re not athletic, it’s about having fun!

Petting Zoo

Contact your local petting zoo and ask them to bring animals to your block party.

You can even ask guests to bring their own pets too. Not only is it fascinating to see the animals but it’s also educational for the kids.

Those Are the Best Block Party Ideas

Now you know block party ideas to try with your community.

Whether you entertain through food, music, games, or animals, block parties let you bond with neighbors and have long-lasting friendships. Have fun.

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