Dendritic Dreams is a massive art installation coming to northern Nevada’s Burning Man festival, over Labor Day weekend. It is a playground with slides, swings, and over-sized climbable mushrooms with viewing platforms where attendees have 360-degree views of the entire festival below. It incorporates sweet little cottages where people can connect with each other over tea and drinks, while sheltering from the playa’s notorious dust storms. Dendritic Dreams will be among the largest installations at Burning Man in 2022. It might also be the most unique, because it incorporates so much of what makes Burning Man great, including impossibly high scenic platforms, next-level aerialist butterfly performances, secret immersive spaces, and parametric plywood sculpture.

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Each year, hundreds of artists stretch their abilities and finances to bring big art to Burning Man. They spend all year creating art, trying to arrange transportation to the remote black rock desert in northern Nevada, and crowdfunding to make their projects possible. They do this because Burning Man is the only place on earth where you can see more than four hundred massive art installations, up to seventy feet tall, all together in one place. Truly, it is the only place where many of these some-what precarious installations can even exist. That makes it the most sought-after events for artists and art-lovers around the world.

Dendritic Dreams lead designer, Aimee Aguirre, says she designed this installation as her love letter to Burning Man. She has been trekking to Black Rock City since 1997. But this is her first time bringing a large art installation to be showcased on the open playa. After two years of Burning Man being canceled, the burner community, which has always been about inclusion and immediate experience, has unraveled. This is our first chance to bring people back together and create something beautiful.

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