City living comes with more entertainment, more job opportunities, and also more pollution, trash, and pests. But what is the dirtiest city in America and which U.S. cities are the filthiest?

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To find out, LawnStarter ranked 2024’s Dirtiest Cities in America.

According to the analysis, Phoenix is the 6th Dirtiest City in America. How does Phoenix stack up in some key metrics (1st = Dirtiest)?

  • Median Air Quality Index – 11th
  • Share of Overcrowded Homes – 77th
  • Rating of State Waste Regulations and Measures – 7th
  • Share of Residents Dissatisfied with Pollution – 21st

How does Phoenix compare with other Arizona cities (1st = Dirtiest)?

  • Mesa – 18th
  • Tempe – 35th
  • Peoria – 39th
  • Scottsdale – 55th
  • Flagstaff – 77th

This year, LawnStarter expanded the scope of its study to encompass over 300 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 4 categories. More specifically, LawnStarter considered air pollution, water quality, waste management, and levels of local dissatisfaction, among 21 total metrics.

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