Phoenix is known to be hot, but it’s also No. 1 among the best cities for happy hour, according to a new study. With in-person Happy Hour making a big comeback Shane Co — your go-to source for jewels that will liven up any outfit — wanted to know the best places for people to channel their favorite “Sex and the City” character.

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Shane Co. looked at several factors including best drink specials, overall prices, amount of reviews, good music, outdoor seating and dog friendly spots, and learned these cities are the top ranking in the country to unwind after work. Here are the best cities for happy hour, according to the study.


Shane Co. used Yelp to collect data on the 50 largest U.S. cities based on population size for the following happy hour factors:

1. Cost of Happy Hour

Weight: 1.75

2. Number of Happy Hour Spots

Weight: 2.00

3. Average Number of Reviews for Happy Hour Spots

Weight: 1.75

4. Average Star Rating of Happy Hour Spots

Weight: 1.50

5. Average Price Level of Happy Hour Spots

Weight: 1.50

6. Number of “Perfect” Happy Hour Spots (the spots with the following features as listed on Yelp: good for happy hour, outdoor seating, dogs allowed, live music, and parking)

Weight: 1.50

Each city was scored on each factor, with 0 representing the worst and 5 representing the best conditions. Each factor was also weighted according to its impact on happy hour. We determined each city’s final score using an algorithm that used factor scores and weights to assign a score from 0 to 50. Higher scores indicated better cities for happy hour.