You’ve bought a new gun, and you’re excited to try it out for the first time. However, you’re not quite sure where you should put it in your home.

There are many considerations you have to take when you buy a firearm for the first time. What are your plans for gun storage? And how do you limit access to your gun?

After all, you can’t carry your gun with you all the time. It’s also unsafe to leave it lying around the house. Anyone could get a hold of it as long as they know where you put it.

Here’s what you need to know about gun storage and gun care for a safer household.

Types of Gun Storage

Gun storage is an essential part of owning a firearm. If you live with family, you want to keep an untrained person from firing off a bullet. Even if you live alone, there’s the risk that a burglar breaks into your home and gains access to a live weapon.

The type of storage option you choose will depend on the type of gun and your home’s setup.

Gun Box

The most basic form of gun storage is the gun box. Most are made in a smaller size that’s perfect for storing handguns for at-home and on-the-go storage. You can also find them in larger sizes for long guns, though.

Gun boxes come with a variety of options for locks, from the standard padlock to fingerprint scanners. As long as they’re locked tight, your handgun is protected from anything ranging from a child’s hands to a sledgehammer’s touch.

Gun Drawer

A gun drawer is another option for storing weaponry ranging from a handgun to an assault rifle. Functionally, they’re gun boxes that slide out rather than open up. However, the design of a gun drawer allows you to place them underneath your bed and slide them open for easy access.

You can also get custom hidden gun chests installed as part of a set of drawers or a wardrobe. Make sure that the sliding mechanism isn’t easily accessed by anyone that wants to break into your secret stash.

Gun Cabinets

Gun cabinets are a type of locker specifically designed for housing firearms. They’re much larger than a gun box and can hold multiple guns. Smaller models can hold 12 guns, while much larger cabinets can hold as many as 72 or more.

If you’re buying the larger options, then you’re essentially purchasing a small, secure room for your weapons. It’s a good option if you want to section off a piece of your home for the most secure storage possible.

Be mindful of the type of gun cabinet you purchase. More affordable models are made no different than a standard locker and are more easily broken into. Higher-end options come with thick steel walls, are fire-resistant, and prevent pry attacks.


Many gun owners opt for wall-mounted gun storage when they keep their firearms at home. It’s not an entirely unsafe option as long as you keep them in a locked room with limited access.

If you want to build your own gun room, there are a few precautions you should take.

First, make sure the gun room is located somewhere in the center of your house that’s not easily accessed from the outside. If you absolutely must have windows, they should have some kind of security bars to prevent breaking and entering.

Plan for fireproofing and ventilation measures. You may also want to consider some kind of security features such as an alarm system.

Proper Gun Storage Care

Once you know what kind of gun storage you require, make sure that it’s well-maintained.

To begin with, always store your guns clean. That includes removing fingerprints. If they’re dirty, then they could spread rust to your other items.

Space out your guns to avoid any dings or nicks. Limit humidity inside your gun safe to avoid oxidation. And bolt your gun safe down if you want to avoid theft.

Most importantly, keep a running list of your guns and ammo. Store that list separate from the items it details.

Firearm Maintenance

In addition to cleaning your firearms before storing them, make sure they’re inoperable right out of the box.

Never store or handle a loaded firearm in your home. Take out whatever ammo is currently inside the weapon. If you leave it loaded, then that creates a risk for anyone that gets their hands on it.

While many people own guns for protection, you may want to take them apart for more convenient storage. For example, a full-size gun may need to be broken down into two or more parts to fit inside your gun safe.

Consider Size When You Buy a Firearm

People tend to fall into two groups when buying a new firearm. The first group buys a small gun that they can carry wherever they go. The second group opts for the largest piece of weaponry they can afford.

One of these groups is going to have a much easier time finding a place to store their guns. Try to wait on purchasing a larger gun until you’ve already purchased an appropriately-sized storage option.

If you want a gun somewhere in the middle, check out Cooper firearms are some of the most accurate on the market and give owners that classic hunting rifle feel.

Lock Up Your Arms

The idea of gun storage may seem annoying for the owner who wants to put their prized possessions on display. However, storing your guns protects your belongings from theft and preserves them from damage. It also makes your house much safer, since you don’t have to worry about people and kids playing around with deadly weapons.

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