In February 2012, Mike and Cianna Kirksey opened ATL Wings with no prior culinary experience and a lease they never expected to get on a former sub shop in Mesa. Some might say they “winged it.” But they quickly proved their secret to success was no accident. This year they celebrate their 11-year business anniversary with 22 ATL Wings locations around the state… and a plan to expand throughout the Western states including Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada.

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Mike and Cianna Kirksey.

“When we first opened, we cooked all day long. We were so tired, we left the shop without even finishing cleaning up,” explains Cianna of their humble beginnings. When they returned the next day, there was already a line outside the door. “We tried to tell them we were closed for cleaning but everyone came right in and helped us clean so we could open up and make some wings!”

Perhaps that fateful beginning, built upon their first customers’ love of their wings has helped create the company’s unique concept — in which the first ingredient is “luv.” After all, ATL Wings stands for “All The LUV.”

Along with plenty of love, the Kirksey’s have put plenty of hard work, sweat equity and an emphasis on quality and consistency into their brand as they have quickly expanded in just 11 short years. They train new franchise owners on their philosophies and do whatever they can to ensure their franchisees’ success. In their strive for quality and consistency, they work directly with one farm that provides all of their chicken. They also operate a massive commercial kitchen where they produce 22 original sauces that enhance the fresh-never-frozen chicken offerings on their menu including traditional wings, boneless wings and chicken sandwiches.

As ATL Wings spreads its wings to expand beyond Arizona, the Kirkseys are committed to maintaining the high-level of food and service that they have worked so hard to build. Drizzled with lots of “luv,” and lots of delicious sauce, of course. For more, visit