Amazing ambiance, appetizers and alcohol make District American Kitchen and Wine Bar a great post-work hangout

Yesterday was one just one of those days. Counting down the minutes until the end of my business day, all I had on my mind was that I needed to de-stress. The best way? A wine bar, of course. Although I had never been to one before, I knew yesterday was the night to consider a tryst with lady vino.

After Googling my options, I narrowed it down to one — District American Kitchen and Wine Bar. Because my main mode of transportation is the light rail, location was important when making this decision, and this wine bar is located fairly close to one of the stops. Convenient location? Check.

As my friend and I walked up to the restaurant, we knew we were in for a swanky treat. District American Kitchen is located in the downtown Phoenix Sheraton, directly across the street from a Hooters. Classy? Check. Just the right amount.

The interior of the restaurant was beautiful, the bar wrapping and curving — probably one of the most elegant bars I’ve seen. It became quickly evident this was a popular after-work hangout, with the men slipping out of their coats, rolling up their sleeves and loosening their ties. Women paired up with their girlfriends, chit-chatting over (many) glasses of wine. Work-related conversations (doused with exasperations) were heard from our neighboring tables, while those who chose to show solo paired up with their go-to cocktail.

With just an hour left of happy hour, which ends at 7 p.m., our eyes skimmed the drinks menu, and we chose the White Peach and the American Red Sangrias, both priced at $5 each. Both were sweet, rich and delicious. Originally, we were there to just sip, but after drooling over the list of small plates offered and watching others snack, we couldn’t resist and ordered the Pretzel Bite Fondue and the Schrieiner’s Bacon Wrapped Dates, both priced at $4. Affordable happy hour prices? Check.

You would think as ladies, we would shy away from anything wrapped in bacon, but when you’re hungry, you’re hungry, and we don’t regret it one bit. But we probably should have, considering the dates were stuffed with chive cream cheese. Drizzled with Vermont maple syrup, the bite-size delights were so addicting, we ordered another round of it. Seriously.

The fondue, on the other hand, was what you’d expect, with the bread warm, soft and topped with a few grains of salt — just the right amount. The District cheese sauce was a little overwhelming, but because I consider cheese as its own food group, I finished the plate.

Our impulse order turned favorite? The Cedar River Beef Tenderloin Nachos ($10) topped with pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. After asking the trio of patrons sitting at the next table if the nachos were worth ordering, we received an assuring “Yes,” all three expressing how much they enjoyed the dish. However, I’m not sure why we asked, considering there was virtually no trace of the nacho dish left on their table.

Our’s quickly became a mirror image. Incredible food and drinks that left us yearning for more? Check.

District American Kitchen offers a comfortable, gorgeous environment and comfort foods with a twist — perfect for winding down post-work in the middle of the week. It wasn’t crowded; you seat yourself; and it wasn’t too noisy, either. And I’m sure if you don’t end up ordering every aesthetically pleasing appetizer you see, you’ll walk away with not only a small bill, but also a newfound favorite happy hour bar you’re bound to lounge in more than once.

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If You Go: District American Kitchen and Wine Bar

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320 N. 3rd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 817-5400