A guilty fan of In & Out Burger, Five Guys, Smashburger and any other above-average-fast-food burger joint, I went into Habit Burger expecting to thoroughly enjoy a familiar burger in a familiar setting. Little did I know I would find a unique atmosphere with a burger that surpasses its competition in both taste and presentation.

The California burger chain opened its first restaurant in Arizona late May in Tempe, welcoming nearby residents with an inviting, refreshing patio area and a sunny interior. Three more restaurants are scheduled to open in Chandler and Phoenix in the coming months, accommodating other residential areas with the winning combination of great tasting food and a fresh atmosphere.

The Habit Burger Tempe Review, Photo: Gianna MillerThe patio is shaded with red umbrellas and fully supplied with misters, allowing patrons to comfortably sit outside in the Arizona heat.

Inside the eatery, presents a beachy interior, as the restuarant is filled with bright colors, pictures of surfers and large windows to give that sunny beach lighting. Also, the entire kitchen is visible from the service line, demonstrating to customers that they are proud of their cooking practices and have nothing to hide from the public view.

Even more impressive than the relaxing environment is the amiable customer service. The Habit Burger cashiers greeted all customers with smiles and warm welcomes, and there was no rush in customer interaction — even with a line. The employees gave one-on-one personal attention to show interest in their customers while still moving at an efficient pace. They inquire if it is your first time at Habit Burger, proceeding to educate you on the menu if it is. They offer a sufficient variety of items, with their famous Charburger with cheese as their most popular item. Habit Burger Tempe Review

We sampled every item on the menu except their salads and veggie burger, which I can only assume are prepared just as freshly and carefully as the burgers and sandwiches I did taste.

Both the Charburger with cheese and avocado and the Mushroom Swiss Burger were presented so that every single ingredient in the burger could be seen, actually presented much like those pictured in advertisements.

The taste exceeded the presentation, as the burgers were juicy with the distinct char-grilled taste and all toppings tasted fresh and crisp. But what was most impressive about this menu item is the price. The average sandwich/burger price at Habit is $3, and you can enjoy a burger, fries and drink combo for just $5.95 — relatively cheap for such a high quality taste.

Moving onto the lighter options, my party enjoyed servings of the Chicken Club Sandwich and the Albacore Tuna Sandwich on sourdough. I truly felt like I was eating healthy at a burger joint.

The Habit Burger ReviewThe highlight of the meal were the side dishes. The onion rings were easily some of the best I had ever tasted. The perfect combination of succulent onion with crispy fried shell caused an instant addiction within me. Both classic and sweet potato fry orders are just as praiseworthy, and when dipped in Habit’s own freshly made ranch dressing, the taste sensation is undeniable. A huge fan of sweet potato fries, I went into my bite with high expectations, but I was pleased to find that they were unique in their simultaneously crispy and meaty texture.

To top off the meal, we treated ourselves with a vanilla malt and a mocha shake both well equipped with whipped cream and served asHabit Burger Tempe Review cold delights to soothe both my full belly and my sweet tooth.

I would recommend The Habit Burger for families looking for the most affordable, healthy and tasty burger combos they can find, as well as to all those who find themselves in the southern Tempe area. It’s quick, it’s cheap, and with such quality food and atmosphere, you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth. I know I’ll certainly make dining there a “habit” of my own.

    OTHER HABIT NEWS: A Friend To Local Charities

    Before opening on May 25th, Habit Burger held three service test runs, during which they donated the entire proceeds to different local charities. On May 23rd, the eatery opened for two hours, donating all profits to Boys & Girls Club East Valley. The next day, they opened for both lunch and dinner for two-hour periods. Lunch’s proceeds went to Ryan’s House, a home for terminally-ill children, and dinner’s money went to Muscular Dystrophy. Habit raised over $4,000 total during these three events, giving 100 percent of the proceeds to the local charities. Partnering with the charities well in advance, the restaurant gained positive advertising and was able to benefit these admirable non-profits.

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If You Go

The Habit Burger Tempe
1817 E Guadalupe Rd
Ste 102
Tempe, AZ 85283
(480) 456-8912