The Cove Trattoria, nestled among the shops at Seville shopping center (located at Indian Bend and Scottsdale roads) is a family-owned Italian joint that opened in 2002. While the restaurant’s menu contains a bit of Old World Italy, its space is outfitted as a modern eatery with a cocktail menu that boasts more than a few unique twists on classic drinks, too.

Owner Daryl Monica was looking for refreshing summer fruits to lighten his cocktail menu this season and happened on a few tasty glassfuls of inspiration while playing mixologist with a friend who happens to work in the liquor business.

These drinks — a delicious cornucopia of fruity fusions — typically cost between $7.50 and $9.50, but guests can enjoy $2 off the summer’s specialty cocktails until Labor Day.

Cucumber Margarita
Cucumber Margarita

Cucumber Margarita – $9.50
What’s in it: Cucumber-infused Chinaco tequila, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, garnished with cucumber
Tastes like: Monica doesn’t salt the rim of his margaritas, which makes this drink go down cool as the cucumber infused in this smooth summer drink. The tequila is much mellower than most margs you’ve probably thrown back. With its slightly tart aftertaste, you’ll feel quenched — and like you just can’t get enough.




Blackberry CoolerBlackberry Cooler – $9
What’s in it: Muddled blackberries, mint, simple syrup, Jim Beam bourbon, garnished with mint
Tastes like: Bourbon with a hint of mint and berry. I’m not a big bourbon/whiskey person, so the spirit always seems to stand out from other flavors in mixed drinks and slap me in the tongue. That said, this is a pretty delicious drink to sip on. The mint, grown by The Cove Trattoria, subdues the bite of bourbon.



Strawberry Lemonade. Photo by Amanda Ventura
Strawberry Lemonade. Photo by Amanda Ventura

Strawberry Lemonade – $8.50
What’s in it: Purity vodka, Luxardo limoncello, housemade strawberry lemonade
Tastes like: Summer, sugar-coated. This sweet treat, chunky with pureed strawberries in The Cove’s house lemonade is by far the best of the three cocktails Scottsdale Living tried. True to any gluggable cocktail, the alcohol content is indistinguishable. But, really, it’s just delicious sweet lemonade with a fun, pulpy consistency that makes your lips sweet as pie.