Sedona is the fourth-best U.S. family friendly destination in the United States, according to new research.

New research from Go Koala reveals the Family Friendly Travel Index, revealing the best locations in the US for your next family friendly vacation.

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When determining the best family friendly destination, the research looks at a variety of factors including the average accommodation price per night, the number of kid-friendly attractions, annual temperature, average rainfall and crime rate.

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The top 10 family friendly U.S. destinations

Waikiki in Hawaii takes the crown for the best family friendly location in the US With a score of 8.38 out of 10. With the highest out of all destinations, for both the percentage of kid friendly activities with 83.% and the percentage of child friendly restaurants at 84.2%.

Taking the second spot is another Hawaii destination with an overall score of 8.27 out of 10. With 80.4% of restaurants listed child friendly and with an average temperature of 64.5.

Sanibel Florida takes third place with an overall score of 7.4 out of 10, with the highest temperature of 74.6 and 69.5% of restaurants being child friendly.

The research also looked into the family friendliness of the national parks across the US, which looks at the amount of acres per visitor, the percentage of attractions listed as ‘good for kids’, percentage of attractions that are listed as ‘nature & parks’, average temperature and rainfall.

The top 10 best family friendly U.S. national parks

The Virgin Islands is the best national park for family friendly vacations in the US, with an overall score of 6.58 out of 10. With the second highest temperature of 79.2 and with 55% of attractions being listed as good for kids.

Redwood in California comes second, with a score of 6.30 out of 10, having the most percentage of attractions for kids at 80% as well as 100% of attractions listed as nature & parks.

Taking third place is Big Bend Texas with a score of 6.26 out of 10, with 67% of attractions listed as nature & parks and an annual temperature of 71.4.

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