It’s never too late to start skateboarding. Unlike playing the piano, it will be difficult for you to play it as you get older because your knuckles have formed, you can start skateboarding at any age. To have a good start, you need to prepare everything carefully. And in today’s post, I’ll show you the most basic tips to get you started on your skateboarding journey. Stay tuned!

Choosing the right skateboards: Cruiser skateboards, standard skateboards, or longboards?

The first thing that you need to do is buy yourself a suitable skateboard. This seems easy because there are dozens of types of skateboards out there, but it is also because of the variety of skateboards that you will feel overwhelmed when making the decision. I used to be a newbie, and I think these three are the best skateboard for beginners.

1. Standard skateboard

This is a fairly common type of skateboard that we often see when walking on the street. The shape of the deck is mostly popsicle shape and is about 8.0″ – 8.5″ in size. This size makes them ideal for performing skateboarding tricks.

Why do I say this is the type of skateboard that beginner skateboarders should buy while many people object to this? First, they are small, light, and easy to move. You just need to push lightly and they can move fast. It’s going to be a bit difficult to balance on this board but, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Second, if you determine skateboarding is primarily to perform tricks, then start with this board right away.


● Light weight

● Small wheels, hard wheels

Best for

● Performing tricks

● Street skating

● Vert skating

2. Longboards

As the name suggests, longboard skateboards are quite long, longer than any other type of skateboard. The length of a longboard can be up to 33″ and above. With this size, longboards are all about comfort, stability, and balance. Longboards have quite a few variations today due to the evolution of the type of skateboarding that people adjust to best fit. We have downhill longboard, Twin Tip Longboards, Freestyle Longboards, and more.

For beginner skaters, a classic longboard will always be the top choice.


● Long deck

● Large wheels

● Heavy

Best for

● Beginner skateboarders

● Cruising

● Overweight skateboarders

● Young and Old skaters

3. Cruiser skateboards

Cruiser skateboards are definitely for cruising, and they are designed to have features that match this riding style. Cruiser board is medium size and it is good for balancing and quicker

turns and twists. Large wheels with a diameter of about 58-65mm and low hardness of 78a – 80a help absorb shocks better.

Most designs are equipped with Kick Tails. Some of the best cruiser skateboards you can choose from are Quest QT-NSC44C, Retrospec Zed Bamboo, at Landyachtz Dinghy 28″.

Equip yourself with the necessary protective gear

If you have decided to skateboard, then you need to accept the fact that you will fall. When skateboarding, you won’t get any protection from your board, that’s why you need protective gear. The head, elbows, and knees are the parts that are easily injured when falling, so you need to protect them. Wear a helmet to protect your head, elbow pads to protect your elbows, and knee pads to protect your knees, and you’re ready to go for your first ride.

Read Forum and Watch tutorial videos

Spend as much time as possible reading articles about skateboarding on forums and social networks, there will be a lot to learn when starting something you are unfamiliar with.

By reading, you will gain a lot of good knowledge that you can use when you skateboard. There are many websites where you can read about skateboards, like SkateAdvisors, Skateboarderhq, UK skate forums, Skate One, etc.

A very rich source of videos that you can refer to anytime, anywhere is Youtube. You can follow these channels: Ride channel, MAJER Crew, Nka Vids Skateboarding, Skating with Aaron, etc.

Find a place to practice skateboarding

The first few days are the days when you need to get used to the skateboard slowly and safely. Therefore, skating in a crowded place or skating with other skateboarders will be quite dangerous. Choose a place which is flat, spacious, and quiet enough to practice. You can consider the following options: early morning park when there are fewest people, your backyard, abandoned parking lot, and school yard.

When skateboarding

Start slowly, if you rush, you will fail. If you keep falling, take a break and then start again. Maintaining a positive attitude is extremely important when skateboarding. On the first day of practice, I went with a friend who has quite a bit of experience in skateboarding and he helped me a lot. So I highly recommend you bring a friend who knows how to skate, or someone who can inspire you.