The holiday season is almost here. This means it’s time for us to start thinking about what we want to get our loved ones this year. You may be asking yourself what you could possibly buy for someone who seems to have everything.

We’ve got you covered! Start your holiday shopping early with these top gift ideas:

1. Diamonds Are Timeless

Some of the most wonderful gift ideas are the ones that are timeless. If you are looking for the best diamond gifts for your special someone this year, take a look at John Atencio’s diamond collection. They are uniquely designed and meticulously crafted, just like the uniquely beautiful person in your life.

2. Make Your Own Gift Baskets

It’s one thing to buy a pre-made gift basket. It’s another to build your own. Personalize a gift basket with goodies they’ll love. Fill it with their favorite bottle of wine, a notebook, or a sweater from their favorite clothing store.

3. Photo Calendar

If you’re looking for one gift you can get the entire family, consider making a personalized photo calendar. Grandparents can see photos of your children as they grow up, and parents can see all the places you’ve traveled.

You can also add photos on specific days throughout the year that are memorable. No one will ever forget a birthday or anniversary again.

4. Comfy Pajamas

You can’t go wrong with a set of comfy pajamas. If you’re buying for multiple family members, you can triple the fun by getting a matching set. Make them festive to match the holidays or get something silly to make them laugh.

5. Phone Accessories

Phones are becoming more advanced, which means there are more opportunities to accessorize. If you’re shopping for an avid traveler or tech enthusiast, there are a plethora of phone accessories you can choose from. Flexible tripods, ring lights, and pop sockets can all be used to step up their photos and videos while they’re on the go.

6. eReaders

Do you have someone in your life who is an avid reader? Instead of buying them more books to take up space, get them an eReader instead. It’s better for their eyes and they’ll have the ability to get as many books as they want throughout their lifetime. Most can hold up to 1,000 books on one device, although it depends on the size of the eReader you buy.

7. Polaroid Camera

When someone asks to take a picture, we’ll often take at least four or five just in case. What better way to capture a special moment in a unique way than with a polaroid camera. Give them additional film that has different settings like black and white or technicolor backgrounds.

8. Cooking Set

As your children get older, you may want to consider more gifts they need rather than what they want. Upgrade their pots and pans with a nice cooking set. Hopefully, this will incentivize them to cook more and eat out less.

9. Microphone

From zoom calls to starting podcasts, more people are going digital and need better equipment. A microphone is a great gift for a busy entrepreneur or an aspiring musician. It’s versatile and can be used for many different types of creative and business endeavors.

10. An Experience

Sometimes a gift is better left to an experience rather than unwrapping the latest gadget. A trip to an amusement park or two tickets for a romantic cruise might be a better fit for the person you’re shopping for.

11. Arizona Pride

At AZBigMedia, we’re always excited to represent how much we love our state of Arizona. Consider shopping small this year with a gift card from a local small business in our beautiful state. No matter where in the world you live, your loved one will be able to shop online at one of our amazing Arizona local businesses.