December 1, 2020

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This is how to choose interior doors for your home

Did you know that your home can affect how you feel? If you need help choosing interior doors for your home, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over what types of interior doors to consider.

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Consider the Material

The material of your door should match the aesthetic of your home. Choose from glass doors, hollow core doors, or solid wood.

Consider a glass door for a sunroom, while a solid door works best for a bedroom and bathroom.

Frame Your Door

Framing your door will help it stand out. If the door is ornate, choose a simple casing.

For less complicated doors, choose a detailed molding.

Consider the Color

Pick a color that will fit in with the decor in a particular room. A neutral shade will make an interior door match your home’s style.

Some people prefer bolder and brighter colors.

Look for Sustainable Materials

When you choose a door, you could look for two certifications. They are the Forest Stewardship Council and the Green Building Initiative certifications.

These two certifications signal that the materials used were locally sourced and sustainable.

Get doors from companies that take steps to reduce emissions.

What About Door Sound Ratings?

Interior doors have a sound transmission class (STC). 

When the STC number is high, this means less sound passes through the door. The amount of sound that ends up passing through a door depends on the material of the door.

25 is on the low end of the STC scale. Normal speech can get heard through these doors. 40 is in the middle. Anything over 60 is almost soundproof.

Flush Doors

One of the most straightforward doors on the market is a flush door. A flush door has a flat surface and doesn’t have a raised area or detailing. The door will look and feel like a single piece of wood.

Flush doors are common because they aren’t super expensive. These doors are straightforward to match with other decor or doors in your home.

Flush doors tend to be available as hollow core doors or solid doors. Yet, these doors are lightweight and easy to hang and use. Choose from a variety of paint colors or stains.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are interesting, detailed, and appealing.

A panel door is a door that’s divided into different panes or panels. These doors have a frame, and then the panel gets built into them. The panels will run vertically or horizontally.

A panel door can be either wooden or glass. Stain the doors to match your home or paint them.

Hinged Doors

One of the most popular door types is called the hinged door.

The door features hinges on one side, so you can swing it close and open. The hinges can be on either side.

A lot of hinged doors get sold pre-hung. The door’s already hung and gets leveled with a frame. The frame’s added to the opening in your room entrance or hallway.

Pre-hung doors are a lot easier to install. You won’t need to worry about leveling the door.

You can buy hinged doors that don’t have frames.

Sliding Doors

For some homes, sliding doors are ideal. Sliding doors will slide open instead of swinging forward or back.

The door moves in a horizontal direction. It will glide along a track mounted on the upper part of the floor’s frame or base.

Folding Doors

Consider a folding or bifold door. When you pull the door open, it will fold into two parts that jut outward. This door is perfect for an area with limited space or a closet.

Bypass Doors

A bypass door works like a sliding door but slides on a track along the door’s upper part.

When you slide this door to the side, the doors will overlap and minimize the opening. You don’t need to swing the door open, and you can create more room in a space.

Pocket Doors

Pocket or hidden doors are useful if you need to save space. The door will get built into the wall next to it. A pocket in the drywall will let the door slide in and out.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are rustic and look like they’re from an old barn. These doors have either pieces of wood or slats linked together.

They are an excellent choice if you want to maintain a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic.

French Doors

French doors look unique. They are two doors with glass panes that open up into space. The two doors open at the center where they meet, creating a big opening when you swing them away from one another.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors have a unique hinge in the middle of the door frame. The door can pivot on that hinge to open in whatever direction the user pulls or pushes.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are stable and unique because they are often found in horse stables. The doors are half-high doors, divided horizontally. The bottom part and the top position can remain open or closed.

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Now You Know More About Interior Doors

We hope this guide on interior doors was helpful. Now that you know about the different types of doors and factors to consider start shopping.

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