The bright holiday of Easter 2022 brings us the freshness of spring air, the warmth of the sun’s rays, and the riot of young greenery. A pleasant expectation is overshadowed only by thoughts of upcoming household chores.

There is less and less time for general cleaning, so it’s time to start it! Why not roll up your sleeves and start cleaning your home this weekend? But it is unnecessary to make supernatural efforts. We will tell you what tricks will help make spring cleaning more accessible, faster, and more enjoyable.

The best idea for you is to start making a plan. Take a sheet of paper, sit down at the table and write down all the workflow steps. To simplify the task, divide the page into several parts, each corresponding to a room in a house or apartment. Made a list? Think again, add the missing points, rewrite it on a clean sheet, and don’t forget about the decluttering/furniture cleaning, as it’s primarily missed in cleaning, which you do every day.

You should pay special attention to your furniture cleaning, especially fancy slipcovers. They are easily removable, and it takes just a short time to clean and dry them.


Cleaning of any room and the process of decluttering is usually carried out from top to bottom, each time moving clockwise. The kitchen is no exception.

The first stage is preparation. First, remove textiles (curtains, tablecloths, towels) and send them to the washing machine. Then empty cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Next, check the availability of rags, sponges, napkins, and household chemicals.

Extensive and high-quality cleaning in the kitchen, which includes a superb range of work, is not often carried out. To clean up the kitchen, you need to move from one item to another systematically. The best place to start is with the refrigerator.

Dining/living room

The living room is a place for the whole family to gather: here, we share the events of the day, and impressions, spend time with children and receive guests. So spring cleaning here should be done with great attention to detail.

Someone has a whole room allocated for these purposes. For someone, it also serves as a bedroom. Unfortunately, one thing unites them – the mess prevents you from completely relaxing and relaxing.

Take a picture of the interior of your living room, view the photo, and think about what is bothering you. Perhaps a pile of unnecessary magazines has accumulated in the corner, flyers lie between the books, and clothes hang on the back of the chair – remove unnecessary things. Do the manipulations several times, and the only thing left for you is to invite guests here.

The dining room is more than a room where people eat. It’s a place where people communicate and exchange news. It doesn’t matter if you can allocate a full-fledged space for it or have dinner at a small table in the kitchen – there should be order in this area.

Often in the dining room, we work at a computer and do\homework, using it as a full-fledged workplace. Therefore, meals become more like quick snacks on laptops or TV companies. When cleaning this area, allocate a box for each activity: put extra things in them and out of sight.


Easter house-cleaning can’t be complete without attention to the bathroom! Unfortunately, due to the abundance of daily procedures associated with water, moist air quickly accumulates in the toilet, provoking the development of bacteria, fungus, and mold.

Germs accumulate on the bathtub, sink, shelves, cabinets, and on the floor in the bathroom. If you do not carry out general cleaning in the bathroom at least once every two weeks, insects can start here in addition to the fungus.

Before general cleaning the bathroom, removing all bottles, jars, sponges, and brushes is necessary. It is advisable to collect them in a separate basin or bowl and remove them from the bathroom for the duration of the cleaning.


Preparation for the Easter holidays can’t be complete without properly cleaning the bedroom in your house.

The bedroom is a private space in which we are especially vulnerable. A bedroom is a place of love, rest, and recovery, and any clutter will get in the way of complete relaxation. So take a close look at the room, pay attention to which things cause pleasant emotions and what you would like to replace. Feel free to toss out extra accessories and highlight what you want if you need to.

Involve everyone at home in the pre-holiday cleaning, especially children. It is necessary to instill traditions from childhood, to teach the younger generation to grow up with bright thoughts and good deeds. Try to convey to the children that preparing for Easter is a joyful chore for restoring beauty and housework, helping parents with the housework, and cleaning.

Summing up

The atmosphere of comfort and harmony in the room depends not only on the color of the walls, lighting, and quality of textiles but also on their cleanliness. And the period before Easter is the right time to put your house in order!

One of the essential components of a comfortable and relaxing stay is the cleanliness and order in the bedroom. It is not necessary to carry out a weekly general cleaning. So don’t forget to do your spring cleaning checklist and fill your house with new energies.

All you need to do is pay regular attention to the little things to avoid chaos. For example, when cleaning for Easter, don’t forget about the right decor to create a positive mood.