A luxury handbag is a result of detailed craftsmanship from the best of the world, made using authentic raw materials. A lady’s handbag is more than just a place to store her wallet, keys or cash rather a worthwhile investment. When properly taken of, a luxury handbag can serve as you a lifetime and still grow in value over time. Luxury handbags, unlike the regular ones, cost a pretty penny; therefore it’s paramount to take good care of your handbag for it to remain in mint condition.

Most luxury handbags are made of pure leather that can prove tricky and stressful to maintain. Stores usually offer care manuals that require implementation to keep the bag in tip-top shape. Below are some simple tips on how to take good care of your handbag to truly get your money’s worth out of it;


It may sound obvious but it’s the best advice. You will notice that your handbag isn’t as shiny or pristine as it was on the first day you bought it and it’s for good reason. From the day you bring your bag home make sure not to wash too often but instead use a leather spray on your bag. You should avoid over-cleaning the bag because the chemical build-up of the detergents will likely destroy the material. As an alternative, you can spot clean where you find dirt as opposed to dipping the entire bag in water.


It’s crucial to know what specific material your handbag is made of, to administer the right care. You shouldn’t assume just because it’s luxury, it’s leather. For instance, when you visit a Michael Kors outlet you will find a huge variety of handbags made of different types of leather such as textured leather, Saffiano leather or coated twill. Different materials have different instructions when it comes to caring and cleaning so do your research.


Your luxury handbag is lucky to have come with a dust bag upon purchase. This dust bag is used to properly store the bag when not in use. Overexposure to sunlight and dust causes harm to the handbag so it’s good to keep the bag inside. This will also prevent the bag from getting any scuff or dirt spots during storage. The dust bag can also be stuffed inside the bag to maintain its shape and structure. Never store the bag in plastic as it’s not breathable and traps moisture. Worse, it can aid in the growth of mould that will destroy your bag.


You will be surprised to know the number of germs your bag attracts. Yes, even the most gorgeous luxury bag there is in the world has germs. Our handbags get placed on the floors, chairs or tables where they are prone to dirt and other microorganisms. A handbag liner comes in handy to try and stay clear of the germs around the bag. Be careful to protect the inside of your bag from spills and if you get a small accident, clean it up with the bag liner.


The luxury bags already cost a fortune so don’t try to go cheap on the cleaning. Ink stains or lipstick marks should be left for the professionals who have specialist products and equipment for this. Don’t let YouTube fool you with DIYs that will see you destroy your handbag. Same goes for small tears, take your handbag to the seamstress immediately to avoid further damage.