Find out what chickens are bawking about. Come learn about keeping and raising chickens at Tour de Coops 2017. The tour promises interactive examples on how to incorporate chick- ens into sustainable household garden systems in the greater downtown Phoenix area. This one-day self-guided tour seeks to educate visitors about keeping hens and delight them with garden ideas and inspiration toward sustainable living. The tour provides guidance and inspi- ration for gardeners of all levels!

Help support urban sustainability. 100 percent of the tour proceeds benefit Your Farm Foods, a company committed to connecting consumers directly to local farmers through education, events, and technology. In addition to providing a fun, family friendly, community building event, YFF also hopes to energize those ”on the fence” to jump into the urban chicken keeping and sustainable living practices. Open to all ages, tour goers check in at Tour Headquarters (SARRC) for access to coop sites and activities. The tour showcases various hen houses and sustainable gardening practices but please leave pets at home, since some flocks are not accustomed to four-legged visitors.

The sites on the 8th Annual Tour de Coops are quite diverse, with a total of half-a-dozen coops to see. Revisit coops that have been on the tour in the past to see their changes and growth. And, be ready to tour new coops that you have not seen before. Tour hosts will share their experiences with chicken care, coop design, maintaining harmony among the chick-
ens and more. Interesting features on the tour this year include a community garden site, small family owned farm, many uses of recycled materials, water harvesting, a school garden

chicken coop, backyard goats, laundry to landscape greywater systems, rain gardens, composting, and more!

Tickets for the Tour de Coops on sale now and can be purchased online here.